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Italian Citizenship Assistance


Discover Why You have not to Miss the Most Trending Citizenship Program all around the world

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Why Do I Have to join Italian Citizenship?

Italian Citizenship for foreigners regularly residing in Italy is a very important goal: after having lived many years in the territory of the state, many want to shake off the label of “stranger” and finally feel like others, both from the point of social view than in the enjoyment of civil and political rights.

Citizenship also increases opportunities and quality of life, for the Applicant and for his/her family.

We assist You on all Citizenship Program set by Italian Government, such as
Italian Dual Citizenship,
Italian Citizenship by Ancestry,
Italian Citizenship by Descent (knowns as Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis),
Italian Citizenship by Marriage
and more options, that can be more suitable for You case.


Which Benefits will I Have from Italian Citizenship?

  • Full accesso to Education: free public education is available to children who reside in Italy.

  • Registration with National Health Service: citizens are totally covered by Italian National Health service without paying anything else except for little fees for special treatments. Citizenship entitles to have a family doctor, access to all specialist tests and visits, be admitted to hospital, etc

  • Stop bureaucracy: there is no need to go to the Police Headquarters for the renewal of you permit to stay.

  • Become EU citizen: as an EU citizen, You can live and move all around EU with all benefits like:
    • Freedom of movement and residence throughout the territory of the Union;
    • The right to vote and be elected in municipal and European Parliament elections in the Member State of residence;
    • The protection by the diplomatic and consular authorities of any Member State in a third country in which the State of which the person in question has citizenship is not represented;
  • the right to petition the European Parliament.


  • Full civil and social rights: like the right to vote, to make jobs reserved only to Italians, enjoy politic life, enjoy benefits reserved only to Italians,etc.
    • Benefits for traveling and moving outside EU.

Why Italian Citizenship is the Most Trending Program of all EU


+ 70 %
New Applications

This year, statistics are seeing relevant New Applications increase, and it’s just the beginning.

+ 50 %

New Italian Citizenship by Descent applicants every years, specially now with Brexit case.

+ 85 %

Foreign investors that choose Italy see relevant profits, also because of Tax Benefits

Why are You missing this opportunity?

Not everyone knows Italy has multiple Italian Citizenship programs. Join Now!

Italian Citizenship by Descent Quiz

At first, How can You obtain Italian Citizenship?


According to the ius sanguinis or jure sanguinis (by birth, recognition or adoption, by even one parent Italian citizen), or according to ius soli (only born in Italy by stateless parents or by known parents whose legal system of origin does not contemplate the ” ius sanguinis “)


For having served military service or civil service. By election, if you are born in Italy from foreign parents and you are legally and uninterruptedly living up to 18 years.


After 10 years of legal residence in Italy. The term is reduced to 3 years for former Italian citizens and their immediate descendants (ius sanguinis) and for foreigners born in Italy (ius soli), 4 years for citizens of other countries of the European Union and 5 years for stateless persons and refugees.


For marriage or civil union (paragraph 20 of Law 76/16) with an Italian citizen, after 2 years of legal residence in Italy or after 3 years of marriage or civil union if residing abroad. (Foreign women, marrying Italian citizens before April 27, 1983, automatically acquired Italian citizenship.)


Why do you need Us for Italian Citizenship Assistance


Procedures are so complicated and, sometimes, confusing. We will do everything for You, just choose your path, and we will think to everything


We will provide the best Support needed for each Client, with constant advices & helps Step-by-Step for the entire procedure, until You will obtain Italian Citizenship.



We will respond to Your doubts, questions, by email everyday. We will provice full intermediation with Authorities (Consulate, Local Office, etc.) for any need. And, we can speed up your Italian Citizenship application.


We will provide the best assistance needed for each Client, with constant advices & helps, material assistance with documents, tips, with constant updates about Immigration legislation​

What do I Need to give You for starting my Application?

What we need from You, for Assisting You on Dual Italian Citizenship Application

Pay Attention: The List Below is not complete. So, This must  not be considered a Legal Advise.

Complete List and correct Italian Citizenship Application will be processed by Us for Clients-only.

The documents for the most frequent requests (residence and marriage) are indicated below.
For other cases, information will be provided by the Law Firm only after the power of attorney has been conferred.

1. Application form.
We prepare and forward it to the competent office.

2. Birth certificate (translated)
The extract of the birth certificate must contain all the details of the applicant.
This document must be translated and legalized by the Italian diplomatic or consular authority present in the state of origin of the citizen.

WARNING: for foreign citizens who have acquired the surname of the husband it is important to verify that the birth certificate contains both the maiden name and the married one.

3. Criminal certificate
This is the criminal certificate of the country of origin. This certificate is not necessary if the citizen was born in Italy or if he / she resides in our country from before the age of 14 (the certificate must be legalized and translated as occurred for the birth certificate).

In addition to the criminal certificate of the country of origin, a certificate of the judicial register and of the pending charges in Italy is required.

ATTENTION: if the applicant has also resided in other countries it is necessary to present the criminal certificate for each of these countries.

4. Photocopy of the passport
A phoocopy of the valid passport is required.

5. Photocopy of the residence permit
A photocopy of a valid residence permit is required.

* citizens coming from the EU will have to request and present the permanent residence certificate (issued by the municipality of residence).

6. Residence
Full documentation of residence certificates with the history (the discontinuity of residence is one of the reasons why applications are often rejected).

7. Model CU, Unico and model 730
Depending on the employment position of the applicants, Model CU, Unico and Model 730 will be presented on the income received in the last 3 years.

Maid, carers and domestic workers will have to present the INPS statement.

In the event of the impossibility or inadequacy of the income of the last three years, it is sufficient that the current income is adequate.

8. Copy of the contribution of € 250.00
We need to make a payment of € 250.00 on the current account number 809020 payable to: Ministero Interno D.L.C.I. citizenship – with the causal: citizenship – contribution as per art. 1 co. 12, law 15 July 2009 n. 94. A copy of the payment receipt must be attached to the documentation.

9. Family Status Certificate.
Only if you live with your family and/or other certificate people like that.

10. (Only for Citizenship for marriage/civil Union) Authenticance Certificate of Marriage / Civil Union.

If it’s a Certification from foreign State, it must be registered in Italy before using it.

Why are You missing this opportunity?

Not everyone knows Italy has multiple Italian Citizenship programs. Join Now!

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