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Discover more about the Golden Visa For Italy, with a list of primary requirements and all you need to know. 

We specialize in handling Italy’s Golden Visa Program and have extensive experience and expertise assisting clients throughout the application process. Our services ensure that your application is finalized efficiently, allowing you to proceed with your investment. For any additional questions about the Golden Visa for Italy, please visit our website’s FAQ section or contact us directly for a consultation.

Find below how to apply for the new Italian Golden Visa program.

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What is the Golden Visa Italy?

I read that Italy introduced a Golden Visa program like other European Countries.
Can you please explain more about it?

We proudly announce that Italy finally has an official Golden Visa Program designed as a residency by investment option.

The Italian Government created the Golden Visa For Italy in 2018, but it became a real Golden Visa only in mid-2020.

It’s way more appealing than the other European Golden Visa programs. 

Now you have more reasons to think about Italy as a destination. 

The new Golden Visa Italy option for coming to Europe with full European Rights and Free Schengen Zone access without limitations.

The Golden Visa Italy Program offers excellent business prospects and a perfect home for your family, making it an ideal choice.

For HNWIs, Italy is certainly an attractive destination. 

People love Italy. Good food, good people, fantastic weather, high-quality education, and low criminality. 
Italy does not need particular presentations. 

We are talking about a Fast Track Golden Visa, a Risk-Free Golden Visa with optional Tax Benefits for new Italian residents.

That’s why the Golden Visa Italy Program will allow you to take advantage of great business opportunities and have a perfect living place for your family. 

What is the Italy Golden Visa program?

The program called “Golden Visa Italy” is a new Immigration program introduced by the Italian Government in 2018.
It allows you to get the right of residency in Italy, because of an Investment you made in Italy.
It’s a residency-by-investment program, also known as Investor Visa for Italy.

Why choose the Golden Visa Italy?

Why Do I Have to Choose the Golden Visa for Italy?

Let’s see more about every single benefit of the Italian Golden Visa.

Today, the Investor Visa For Italy is considered one of the Best Worldwide Investment Visa options and an optional Italian Flax tax Regime for New Residents.

The Golden Visa for Italy was redesigned in 2020 to be one of the most appealing options for moving to Europe and Italy with just an investment.

You will now understand why the Italian Golden Visa is the best choice. You can do it for moving or investing in Europe.

Below is an example of what the Golden Visa for Italy looks like. 

Photo courtesy of one of our clients.

Our client applied for a Golden Visa from the United States to Italy. 

As you notice from the Golden Visa, the Consulate will issue it for 730 days (2 years). 

It also specifies “MULT” as the Number of Entries: “MULT” means “Multiples.” You can leave and re-enter Italy as long as you want. 

But let’s see more about the Italian Golden Visa Scheme.

We explain the key points, the requirements, the processing time, and everything you need to know. 

What are the benefits of Golden Visa Italy?

So let’s list the main benefits of the Italian Golden Visa program.
There are four key benefits we want to list.

Italian Government recognizes the highest priority to an Italian Golden Visa applicant. 

What does it mean?

It means that those who apply for a Golden Visa in Italy will have the highest priority at the Italian Consulate. 

The Italian Consulate will process the Visa before any others. 

The benefit is stated explicitly by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Indeed, with the internal decree 1202/385Bis, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  said:

As the above decree is in Italian, let’s explain what it says.

The Golden Visa Italy application will be considered as High Priority applications, and they will evaluate with absolute urgency.”

and then it also specifies the following:

“Family members of the Investor will also recognize the benefit of a High-Priority and Fast Track Visa to all Family members who will apply for an Accompanying Members Visa (so they will move to Italy together with the Golden Visa applicant) or for a Family Reunification Visa (so they will move to Italy later when the Investor Visa applicant is already set in Italy).

What does it mean that my Golden Visa will be a high-priority one?

It means that you will have your Golden Visa For Italy in a few days.
Your visa will be processed before any other Visa already in process by the Italian Consulate.


Let’s look at the official statistics of the Italian Government about Italian Visa wait times and processing times, compared with the high numbers of Visa processed.

Golden Visa Italy High-Priority process

Golden Visa Italy Program | #1 European Golden Visa 1

Compared with other Italian Visa options, the Italian Golden Visa is the fastest Visa to be processed by Italian Consulates. 

No matter what Italian Consulate will handle it. 

Italian Government takes care of new applicants who choose to invest in Italy and become new Italian Residents. 

For this purpose, the Government created a Risk-Free Golden Visa. 

What does it mean? 

It means the Investor will make the Investment after Your Golden Visa Italy is released.

Differently, in other Golden visa countries, you have to invest and then Apply, with the risk of losing money if your Visa is rejected. 

You will never lose any money with the Italian Golden Visa.

You have to make the chosen Investment in 3 months after Entering Italy.

So, after the approval of the Visa. 

What happens if I will not invest what I declared in the Italian Golden Visa application in three months?

The Italian Government will consider you as a renunciant.
And so your application will be closed (and your residence permit already in your hands revoked).

Italian Government also understands HNWIs and foreign Investors may look to the Italian Golden Visa, asking themself :

“but how much taxes do I have to pay for my foreign income?”

We have great news about that. 

You may join an optional tax-beneficial regime as a New Italian resident, allowing you to pay a Flax Tax of 100,000€ for all worldwide incomes You generate. 

So, if you move Your residency to Italy (and become an Italian tax resident), You will pay a fixed flax tax of € 100,000 – no matter how much income You generate abroad

Do you have a € 1 Million tax return? – You will pay € 100,000 in taxes. 

Do you have a € 1 Billion tax return? – You will pay 100,000 taxes. That’s it. 

What if I have family members? 

No problem. 

According to the official regulation by the Italian Reneuve Agency, the rule may extend the regime to family members too (adding €25,000 for each member).

The Italian Government does also understand HNWIs. Anyone who applies for the Italian Golden Visa program may need to stay abroad for long-term business or other purposes.

According to the latest amendments on the Italian Immigration Law, D.Lgs. 268/98, which also regulates the basis of the Golden Visa Italy, art. 26bis now states: 

The Owner of a Golden Visa for Italy has not the obligation to stay in Italy, according to the generic regulation and obligations to assure the continuity of residency.” 

It doesn’t mean you will never have to enter Italy.

You do have to enter Italy the first time. 

You will have to register Yourself at the local Police headquarters, then at the Italian Municipality, and then carry on the Investment.

What does it mean I have to stay in Italy for the first period after getting my Italian Golden Visa?

The first time you enter Italy with your Golden Visa, you must follow a few steps to formalize your status as a new Investor and, thus, new Italian resident. 
You have an average of 45 – 60 days to stay in Italy before you register at the Municipality and apply for the Residence Permit.

Golden Visa Italy: Key benefits after the Visa.

Which Benefits Will I Have after my Golden Visa Italy is released?
  • Free Education: With a Golden Visa for Italy, you and your family members will have access to free public education available to all children of the Golden Visa owner. The university will charge university Fees according to its regulations.
  • Free National Healthcare Service: holders of an Investor Visa in Italy can register voluntarily with Italian National Health. Registration entitles a family doctor to access all specialist tests and visits, hospital admission, etc.
  • Permanent residency: holders of a Golden Visa Italy may apply for the residence permit as long-term residents, after five years of legal residency in Italy, according to the generic regulations stated on Italian Immigration Law D.lgs 286/98. To get Italian residence, see the Elective Residence Visa For Italy program.
  • Italian Citizenship: after ten years of legal residency in Italy, the Golden Visa Italy owner can apply for Italian Citizenship by residency.You can read more about Italian Citizenship and Dual Italian Citizenship.
  • Tax Benefit: for Golden Visa Italy Applicants with high worldwide incomes and new Italian Tax Residents, it’s possible to benefit from the [optional] Flax Tax Lump Sum Regime. It allows paying only a fixed amount of taxes, regardless of how much income or resources you have. Lump-Sum Flax Tax Italian Regime  – read more.
  • No entry limits. Differently, as for other types of visas (f.e. work visas), the Italian Golden Visa owner is not subjected to annual limits for applying and relocating to Italy, as happens with other Italian Visas.

Golden Visa Italy: The List of Eligible Investments.

What kind of investments can I choose from for getting the Italy Golden Visa?

Innovative Italian StartUp

€ 250,000

You can buy stakes or shares in innovative startups with Golden Visa Italy.

The official list of innovative startups, which is updated every week and accessible free of charge, is available on the dedicated website of the Italian Chambers of Commerce system.

Italian Company

€ 500,000

A company incorporated and operating in Italy.
With the Italy Golden Visa program, you can own stakes or shares in limited companies incorporated and resident in Italy according to article 73 of the TUIR, approved by Italian Presidential Decree no. 917 of 22 December 1986 and subsequent amendments.
A Company, to be considered “Italian”, must be an Italian tax resident.
As a part of our assistance, we will check if your investment will qualify for the Golden Visa.

Philanthropic Donation

€ 1,000,000

You can make a Philanthropic donation to an Italian cultural Institution or other entities with charitable goals.
There is no specific philanthropic destination for the purposes of the Italy Golden Visa.
We will analyze it case-by-case basis.

Italian Government Bonds

€ 2,000,000

It refers to the Italian Republic Treasury Bonds, Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds, Long-term Treasury Bonds, Long-Term Treasury Bonds index-linked to European inflation, and BTP Italy.


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Can I split my Investment into multiple destinations for the Italian Golden Visa?

You have to identify where You want to invest, and that’s the (only one) destination.
Before applying, indeed, you will declare where You want to invest.
If you want to diversity your Investment, you can invest in SICAV/SICAF founds, based and regulated in Italy.

How to apply for the Golden Visa Italy?

How can one go about applying for the Golden Visa Italy?

We can divide the application for a Golden Visa for Italy into main 2 phases.

There are two main phases for applying for the Golden Visa Italy. The first phase involves gathering all the required documents and submitting the application. The second phase includes attending an interview and providing any additional information or documentation as requested. It is important to carefully follow the application instructions and meet all the eligibility criteria.
Once the application is submitted and reviewed, the authorities will make a decision on whether to grant the Golden Visa Italy.

The application process is one. 
We divide it into two different stages to quickly understand the operation of the Golden Visa Italy.

We also consider the third phase, a post-approval phase, when You have to finalize your application and carry on the Investment.



The first step of the process.



Apply for the Visa itself.



What to do after you got your Golden Visa?


Before starting the entire Italian Golden Visa procedure, we will evaluate a correct and clear investment plan with you.

It is imperative to have clear in mind what You want to do, where to invest, how to invest from a medium-term perspective. 

We will then prepare together an Investment Plan and all documentation related to being finally submitted to the Investor Visa Committee, the official Committee nominated by the Italian Government.

The Investor Visa Committee will check if your Investment aligns with the Golden Visa Italy regulation. 

The resources you want to invest in are legit sources and in line with all international legislation. 

2. get your golden visa.

As long as you have your approval from the Golden Visa Committee, you can submit Your Golden Visa Italy application at the local Italian Consulate. 

The local Italian Consulate will release Your Italy Golden Visa

There are no other authorities. 

Before the Consular interview, you need to prepare all paperwork.

3. after the golden visa.

After entering Italy, we will assist You in fixing and obtaining all remaining documents, like the Investor Residence Permit, residency registration, and so on.

In 3 months, You will have to carry on the Investment and notify the Investor Visa Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Golden Visa for Italy.

Below are the most Common Questions about the Italian Golden Visa Program.

We list you a few Golden Visa Italy FAQs we prepared for Clients, starting from our experience in the field.

What is the process for obtaining the Golden Visa Italy?

How much is the Italy Golden Visa cost?
How long does it take for the authorities to make a decision on the application?
What are the specific stages involved in the application process?
Can you provide more information on the post-approval phase and what it entails?
Those are just some of the frequently asked questions about the Italian Golden Visa Program.


The Golden Visa Italy is a new program designed by the Italian Government to letting you have Italian and European residency rights after investing in Italian strategic assets.
It is the Best European Golden Visa Program and the most recent one.


We can split the Golden Visa for Italy process into two different phases.
The first step is preparing Your investment plan, and You will collect all investment documentation.
The second part is regarding the application at the Italian Consulate after the Investor Visa Committee approved Your Golden Visa Italy documents.


The Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance specifies it.
The processing time depends on different factors.
The Investor Visa Committee will evaluate Your investment plan in 30 days.
Also, for the Consular phase, this is fast, as the Golden Visa for Italy is a high-priority Visa.
Timing depends on the Italian Consulate.


Investments start from 250,000€ in Italian startUp, or You can choose to invest 500,000€ in Italian Companies, or 1,000,000€ as a philanthropic donation, or 2,000,000€ in Bonds.
Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance recognizes limited companies.
Both capital increases and the purchase of shares already issued are considered qualifying investments.


As reported by Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance, You can invest in every Company on the regulated stock market. So it can be an S.pA. , mainly. The Company, obliviously, must be legally resident in Italy.


The Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance specifies it.
We will highly recommend a Lawyer even before applying for the Golden Visa.
Why? For filing a correct application, each document must be in line with EU and International Laws and Regulations, such as FAFT, and GAFI.
Then, it’s always better to have a professional who speaks Italian.
Qualified Lawyers like us can assist You in the most complete and skilled way.


You can get Italian Citizenship by investment after entering Italy with an Investor Visa.
The Italy Golden Visa allows you to stay in Italy long-term.
After years, you can apply for Italian Citizenship by naturalization.

What is a Golden Visa in Italy?

A Golden Visa in Italy is a residency program that allows non-European Union (EU) citizens to obtain a residence permit by making a qualifying investment in the country.

Any other questions?
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