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We are proud to announce that Italy finally has an official Golden Visa Program designed as a residency by investment option.

The Golden Visa For Italy was formally created in 2018, but only from mid-2020, it has become a real Golden Visa, way more appealing than the other European Golden Visa programs. 

Now you have more reasons to think about Italy as a destination, with the new Golden Visa Italy option for coming to Europe with full European Rights and Free Schengen Zone access without limitations.

People love Italy: good food, good people, wonderful weather, high-quality education, and low criminality. Italy does not need particular presentations. 

We are talking about a Fast Track Golden Visa, a Risk-Free Golden Visa with optional Tax Benefits for Italian New Residents.

That’s why the Golden Visa Italy Program will allow You to join great business opportunities with a perfect place of living for Your family. 

Why Choosing the Golden Visa Italy?

FAST TRACK VISA30 Days approval
RISK FREEThe investment will be done only AFTER the Visa approval
TAX BENEFITS[Optional] Fixed taxations 100,000€ for ALL WORLDWIDE INCOMES
HIGH-PRIORITY CONSULAR PROCESSGolden Visa will be processed by the Italian Consulate before any other Visa
NO NEED TO STAY IN ITALYNo physical requirement
NO BUSINESS LIMITATIONSYou & Family members can work, study, start businesses, etc.

≪ Why Do I Have to Choose the Golden Visa for Italy? ≫


Let’s see more about every single benefit of the Italian Golden Visa.

The Investor Visa For Italy is today considered one of the Best Worldwide Investment Visa option, also for optional Italian Flax tax Regime for New Residents.

The Golden Visa for Italy was redesigned in 2020 to let it be one of the most appealing options for moving to Europe and Italy with just an investment.

You will now understand why the Italian Golden Visa is the best choice You can do for moving or investing in Europe.

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Italian Government recognizes the highest priority to the applicant of an Italian Golden Visa. 

What does it mean?

It means that those who will have to apply for a Golden Visa Italy, he/she will have the highest priority at the Italian Consulate, before all other Visas already in process at the same Consulate.

This is specifically stated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is in charge of administrating the Golden Visa program.

Indeed, with the internal decree 1202/385Bis, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  said:


As the above Decree is in the Italian language only, let’s explain to You what it says.

The Golden Visa Italy application will be considered as High Priority applications and they will evaluate with absolute urgency.”

and then it also specifies

The benefit of High-Priority and Fast Track Visa will be also recognized to all Family members who will apply for an Accompanying Members Visa (so they will move to Italy together with the Golden Visa applicant) or for a Family Reunification Visa (so they will move to Italy later when the Investor Visa applicant is already set in Italy).


Let’s have a look at the official statistics of the Italian Government about Italian Visa wait times and processing times, comparing with the high numbers of Visa processed

Italian Visa Requests

Statistics from the most active Italian Consulates (Application volume %)

Golden Visa Italy High-Priority process

Comparision table with other Italian Visa options and numbers (average time in Days)

Comparing with other Italian Visa options, the Italian Golden Visa is the fastest Visa to be processed by Italian Consulates. No matter what Italian Consulate will handle it.  


Italian Government takes care of new applicants who choose to invest in Italy and become new Italian Residents. 

For this purpose, it was created a Risk-Free Golden Visa. 

What is means? 

It means the Investment will be done only after Your Golden Visa Italy will be released!

Differently, what happens in other Golden visa countries, where You have to invest and then Apply (with the risk to lose money, if Your Visa will be rejected), You will never lose any money with the Italian Golden Visa

Only after Your Golden Visa for Italy will be granted, then you will have to make the chosen investment in 3 months, after You entered Italy.

This according to the official statements by the Policy Guidance of Investor Visa for Italy:

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Italian Government also understands HNWIs and foreign Investors may look to the Italian Golden Visa, asking themself :

“but how much taxes do I have to pay for my foreign incomes?”

We have great news about that. 

You may join an optional tax beneficial regime as a New Italian resident, allowing you to pay a Flax Tax of 100,000€ for all worldwide incomes You generate. 

So, if You will move Your residency in Italy (and so become an Italian tax resident) You will pay a fixed flax tax of € 100,000 – no matter how much income You generate abroad

Do you have a € 1 Milion tax return? – You will pay € 100,000 taxes. 

Do you have a € 1 Billion tax return? – You will pay 100,000 taxes. That’s it. 

What if I have family members? 

No problem – according to the official regulation by the Italian Reneuve Agency the regime may be extended to family members too (adding €25,000 for each member).


Italian Government does also understand HNWIs, and any person who applies for the Italian Golden Visa program may have the need to stay abroad for a long-term period, for business or other purposes.

According to the latest amendments on the Italian Immigration Law D.Lgs. 268/98, which also regulate the basis of the Golden Visa Italy, art. 26bis now states: 


That translated in English means: 

The Owner of a Golden Visa for Italy has not the obligation to stay in Italy, according to the generic regulation and obligations to assure the continuity of residency”

This not means You will never have to enter Italy: you do have to enter Italy the first time, as You will have to register Yourself to the local Police Headquarter, then at the Italian Municipality and then carry on the Investment.

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≪ Which Benefits will I Have after my Golden Visa Italy will be released? ≫

  • Free Education: with the Golden Visa Italy, You and Your family members will have access to free public education, available to all children of the Golden Visa owner. 
    University Fees will be charged 
    accordingly to the University regulation.
  • Free National Healthcare Service: holders of an Investor Visa Italy can register voluntarily with Italian National Health.
    Registration entitles to have a family doctor, access to all specialist tests and visits, be admitted to hospital, etc.
  • Permanent residency: holders of a Golden Visa Italy may apply for the residence permit as long-term residents, after 5 years of legal residency in Italy, according to the generic regulations stated on Italian Immigration Law D.lgs 286/98.

    For getting Italian residence, see also the Elective Residence Visa For Italy program.

  • Tax Benefit: for Golden Visa Italy Applicants with high worldwide incomes and new Italian Tax Residents, it’s possible to benefit from the [optional] Flax Tax Lump Sum Regime. This allows paying only a fixed amount of taxes, regardless of how much income or resources you have. Lump-Sum Flax Tax Italian Regime  – read more.
  • No entry limits: differently as for other types of visa (f.e. work visa), the Italian Golden Visa owner is not subjected to annual limits for applying and relocating to Italy, as it happens with other Italian Visas.

Statistics about the Golden Visa Italy

0 %
New Applications

This year, statistics are seeing relevant New Golden Visa Italy Applications, as more people discover Italy has a Golden Visa program.

0 %

Investors are moving from Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, and other Golden Visa Countries, to Italy.

+ 0 %

Foreign investors that choose Italy see relevant profits, also because of the Lump Sum Tax Benefits program.


What kind of investments are recognized?

Italian StartUp

With the Golden Visa Italy, you can buy stakes or shares in innovative startups.
The official list of innovative startups, which is updated every week and accessible free of charge, is available on the dedicated website of the Italian Chambers of Commerce system.

€ 250,000

Italian Company

A company incorporated and operating in Italy.
With the Golden Visa Italy, you can own stakes or shares in limited companies, incorporated and resident in Italy pursuant to article 73 of the TUIR, approved by Italian Presidential Decree no. 917 of 22 December 1986 and subsequent amendments.

€ 500,000

Philanthropic Donation

Philanthropic donation to an Italian cultural Institution or other entities with philanthropic goals.

There is not a specific philanthropic destination for the Golden Visa Italy, so it will be analyzed on a case by case basis.

€ 1,000,000

Government Bonds

Issued by the Italian Republic Treasury Bonds, Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds, Long-term Treasury Bonds, Long-Term Treasury Bonds index-linked to European inflation, and BTP Italy.

€ 2,000,000

Let Us prepare your Golden Visa Italy


The application for a Golden Visa for Italy may be divided into main 2 phases.

The application process is obviously one; we just divide it into 2 different stages just to let you easily understand the process of the Golden Visa Italy.

We also consider the third phase, which is a post-approval phase when You have to finalize your application and carry on the investment.

#1 - Golden Visa Italy: The "Nulla Osta" Phase

Before starting the entire Italian Golden Visa procedure, we will evaluate with You what would be a correct and clear investment plan.

This is very important as You have to have clear in mind what You want to do, where to invest, how to invest, in a medium-term perspective. 

We will then prepare together an Investment Plan and all documentation related, in order to be finally submitted to the Investor Visa Committee, the official Committee nominated by the Italian Government.

The Investor Visa Committee will check if your investment is in line with the Golden Visa Italy regulation and if the resources you want to invest in are from legit sources and in line with all international legislation. 

#2 - Get Your Golden Visa Italy

As long as You will have your approval from the Golden Visa Committee, then you can submit Your Golden Visa Italy application at the local Italian Consulate.

You will have to be prepared with all paperwork, for Your and your family members (if applicable), before the Consular interview.

#3 - Golden Visa Italy: Finalize in Italy

After entering Italy, we will assist You in fixing and obtaining all remaining documents, like the Investor Residence Permit, residency registration, and so on.

In 3 months, You will have to carry on the investment and then notify it at the Investor Visa Committee.

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Why Us for Your Golden Visa Italy

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Golden Visa Italy procedures are complicated and, sometimes, confusing. The Golden Visa Italy will be released only after a deep and strict evaluation by the Government, so an expert is required.


We will provide the best Support needed for each Client, with constant advices & helps Step-by-Step for the entire Golden Visa For Italy procedure, until You will obtain the Investor Visa Italy.

investor visa italy italian investor visa golden visa italy italian golden visa assistance lawyer


You will receive priority assistance with a dedicated Golden Visa Lawyer on Your Case. We will respond to Your doubts, questions, by email every day. We will provide full intermediation with Authorities (Consulate, Local Office, etc.) for any need


We will provide the best assistance needed for each Client, with constant advices & helps, material assistance with documents, tips, with constant updates about Immigration legislation

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Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance

All you need to know

You’ll find all Golden Visa  Italy Policy Guidance tips and key points, in details. 

This is an important step on your Golden Visa application as the main focus on the entire process is on this first stage.

The Policy guidance will give you some generic informations & tips on your Golden Visa Italy application [not a legal advice ].

Also find below all Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance from our past Clients.



  • The ability to travel throughout the EU, visa-free

  • A fast, simple application process – 30 days for the approval of the investment.
  • Excellent quality of life, world class education personal safety as well as attractive healthcare benefits.
  • An attractive taxation structure for New Italian Residents
  • Investment from as little as € 250,000 to obtain Italian residency.


Most Common Questions about the Italian Golden Visa Program & a simple list of Golden Visa Italy FAQ we prepared for Clients, starting from our experience on field.

The Golden Visa Italy is a new program designed by the Italian Government to letting you have Italian and European residency rights after investing in Italian strategic assets.

This is actually the Best European Golden Visa Program and the most recent one.

This is specified on the Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance: The Investor Visa for Italy is split into two different phases. 

The 1st one, where you will prepare Your investment plan and You will collect all investment documentation.

The second part, regarding the application at the Italian Consulate, after the Investor Visa Committee approved Your Golden Visa Italy documents.

This is not specified on the Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance: The Investor Visa For Italy’s processing time depends on different factors.

The Investor Visa Committee will evaluate Your investment plan in 30 days. 

Also for the Consular phase, this is really fast, as the Investor Visa For Italy is a high-priority Visa. Timing depends on Consulate.

Investments start from 250,000€ in Italian startUp, or You can choose to invest 500,000€ in Italian Companies, or 1,000,000€ as a philanthropic donation, or 2,000,000€ in Bonds.

 As reported by Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance concerning limited companies, both capital increases and the purchase of shares already issued are considered as qualifying investments. 

As reported by Golden Visa Italy  Policy Guidance, You can invest in every Company on the regulated stock market.   So it can be an S.pA. , mainly. The Company, obliviously, must be legally resident in Italy. 

As reported by Golden Visa Italy Policy Guidance, he Company must be legally resident in Italy. 
So pay attention on this requirement, specially with Holding Groups.

This is not specified on the Golden Visa Italy regulations: a Lawyer will be highly recommended for Your Investor Visa Italy application.

Why this? In order to correctly apply for Investor Visa for Italy, each document must be in line with EU and International Law and Regulations, such as FAFT, GAFI. 

Then, it’s always better to have a professional who speaks the Italian language.

Only a qualified Lawyer, like Us, can assist You in the most complete and qualified way.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa Italy requirements:  concerning limited companies, No, the investment must be directed to only 1 company per application.

By extension, it is also not allowed to combine different types of investment (e.g. direct part of the amount to a donation and part to an investment in shares).

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: Family reunification is allowed and regulated by the general laws on the subject, in particular by art. 29 of Legislative Decree no. 286 of 25 July 1998 (Consolidated Act on Immigration – TUI).

The categories of family members for whom reunification is allowed are listed in art. 29 of the TUI:

a. spouses not legally separated and aged over 18;

b. minor children – including those of the spouse, or those born out of wedlock – who are unmarried, provided that the other parent has given his or her consent;

c. dependent children aged over 18, if for objective reasons they are unable to provide for their essential needs due to health conditions implying total disability;

d. dependent parents, if they do not have any other children in the country of origin, or parents over 65 years of age, if the other children are unable to support them due to serious and duly documented health conditions.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: Yes, Investor Visa For Italy do not provide for any legal restrictions concerning employment status.

This is valid also for Family members, as they join all Investor Visa For Italy Benefits.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: No, the investment portfolio must not be changed during the 2-year validity period of the residence permit.

The investor must maintain the original investment for the entire duration of the permit, otherwise it will be revoked.

This is specified on the Investor Visa Italy requirements: the investment will be done in 3 months after the Investor Visa For Italy approval.

This is specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: No, the investment must be carried on by a single physical person directly.

[UPDATE 2020] Yes, you can, under certain strict conditions.

This is specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: the Electronic Signature is a special signature that You must obtain in Italy, release by certified Companies allowed by the Government.

Let's start with Your application for the Italian Golden Visa

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«What do I Need to give You for starting my application for a Golden Visa?»

What we need from You, for Assisting You on Italian Investor Visa Application

Pay Attention: The List Below is not complete. So, This must  not be considered a Legal Advise.

The Complete Check-List and a correct advise on Golden Visa Italy Application will be processed by Us for Clients-only.

Disclaimer: the informations below are  not a legal advice – the Golden Visa Italy applications are on a case by case basis, that we will evaluate with the Client.


The applicant shall provide documentation about his/her funds, so:

1. Written evidences with reference to the availability of sufficient funds,

in order to complete the investment described in the application,

2. Written statement regarding the lawful origin of the funds.

About this point:
The applicant must demonstrate that the financial resources destined for the investment/donation originate, beyond all reasonable doubt, from sources that are licit according to Italian law. The following supporting documentation must be provided for this purpose:

  • if the resources have been deposited or invested in the applicant’s name at a credit/financial institution for the entire last three months, it is sufficient to submit, in addition to the documentation issued by the institution (see par. 5.a), a representation of the applicant certifying the legal provenance of the resources;
  • if the resources have been deposited or invested in the applicant’s name at a credit/financial institution for a period shorter than the last three months, further documentation demonstrating the legal provenance of the funds must be attached to the application.
  • Said documentation will vary, depending on the nature of the financial source (donation, sale of assets, revenues on an economic activity, last will and testament, divorce, prize or win, etc.), but must always indicate the transaction date, the sum, the provenance and the consignee. It must be accompanied by a report of an independent legal or accounting expert, certifying that the informationprovided is truthful.
3. Written commitment about the completion

of the investment by 3 months after his/her date of entrance in Italy and its duration which must be not shorter than 2 years,

4. Written description of the characteristics of the investment/donation
and certification of recipients consent.
About this point:
The information required varies according to the type of investment.
The type of financial instruments, the amount of the investment and the bond maturity date must be indicated for an investment in Government Bonds. Several types of securities are permitted.
In the case of investments in limited companies, including innovative startups, the tax ID (“Codice Fiscale”) of the company and the amount of the investment must be indicated. This information must be accompanied by an illustrative prospectus describing the methods and purposes of the investment.
The documentation must be accompanied by a declaration of consent of the local representative of the recipient company or its representative.
The tax ID of the recipient entity (or entities if the donation involves several recipients) and the amount (with specification of the partial amounts if there are a plurality of recipients) must be indicated for a donation. This information may be accompanied by a prospectus describing the methods and purposes of the donation and the expected social impact.
The documentation must be accompanied by a declaration of consent of the local representative of the entity receiving the donation or its representative
5. Written declaration of commitment on use of the funds, validated with an electronic signature,

including indication of the sum it is intended to invest and the municipality of intended establishment.

About this point:

The application documentation is completed with a specific final declaration of commitment. Said declaration, which also serves as formal confirmation of all the materials submitted in the application, is produced automatically by the platform.

In this declaration, theapplicant must represent:
• their personal details: name, surname, place and date of birth, place of residence, nationality, passport number and expiry date ;
• that they are the owner of the financial resources used, that said resources are available and transferable to Italy, and that they originate from sources that are licit according to Italian law ;
• that they undertake to make the investment or donation  within three months of entering Italy;
• the precise sum in Euro destined for the investment or donation;
• the references of the recipient of the investment or donation, and confirmation that consent has been acquired ;
• that they are aware that the authorisation to remain in Italy will be revoked if the investment is not made within said term, or withdrawn or abandoned within the two years after issue of the visa;
• that they grant authorisation for processing of their personal data.
The applicant must sign it electronically.


If the available resources are in the form of a bank deposit:

  • A copy of a bank statement of account, indicating the transactions performed in the three months prior to submitting the candidacy, if the sum is held in the form of a bank deposit
  • The statement of account must contain: the name of the holder;the account number;the date of the statement of account, which must not be over 30 days prior to the candidacy date;the name of the bank;the amount of funds in the original currency.


If the available resources are in the form of financial instruments,


 including, by way of non-limiting example, stakes in limited companies, investments in Government bonds or pension funds, etc.:

  • Documentation describing the financial instruments held or acquired by the applicant over the three months prior to the application date, also in the form of a portfolio issued by a credit institution, an investment fund, or similar.
  • These requirements are satisfied by all investments which may be converted into immediately liquid financial resources and which, in any case, can be liquidated within the maximum term for making the investment, as envisaged by art. 26-bis TUI.
6. An official letter from the institution where the funds are held,
signed by an authorised representative. The letter must confirm:
  • that the account or investments are in the applicant’s name;
  • that the institution has performed sufficient checks on the customer in accordance with international standards;
  • the precise amount in the applicant’s possession, in both the original currency and in Euro, at the exchange rate applied at the time of signing;
  • in the case of securities or shares , the purchase date and, if applicable, thevalidity period;
  • information on the origin of the funds;
  • that the sum is entirely transferable to Italy, within the times for executing the investment envisaged by art. 26-bis TUI;
  • availability of the institution’s representative to respond to requests for more information (if requested);
Attention: Demonstration of possession of non-liquid assets, such as real estate or stakes in companies not limited by shares, will not be accepted as proof of financial resources, even if a promise of sale is present, since there is no guarantee that the estimated value is equivalent to what is effectively obtained following disposal.
7. Personal criminal records
issued by the competent authorities of all the countries in which she or he resided in the last 10 years.
The applicant must declare any final criminal convictions or pending charges.
One or more certificates of non-existence of final criminal convictions and pending charges, issued by the countries where the applicant has resided for over twelve consecutive months over the last 10 years, starting from 18 years of age, must be attached to the application.

The certificates, apostilled or authenticated, must be issued by the competent authority for each country.

If these certificates are not available in the local legal system or there are objective reasons which prevent the applicant from obtaining them, the applicant must indicate this in a representation in Italian or English. Certificates which are invalid (e.g. because they have exceeded the required expiry date) or illegible must be replaced.
 8. All Applicant infos and bio.
Contact details so:
  • personal details (name surname, place and date of birth, nationality), as indicated on the passport
  • current address of residence;
  • one or more personal e-mail addresses, i.e. managed directly by the visa applicant;
  • one or more personal telephone numbers;
  • optionally, other channels of communication (e.g. instant messaging, social network).
  • The applicant must upload a high-quality scan of the main page of the passport, including the photograph,personal details, issue date and expiry date of the document.
  • The applicant must also indicate the passport number, issue and expiry dates on a specific form.
  • If the visa application is accepted, the passport must have a remaining validity period of at least two years and three months at the date when the visa application is submitted at the competent Embassynor Consulate.
Curriculum vitae
The applicant must fill out a form, on the dedicated portal, certifying the following information:
1. Most relevant professional experience, indicating:
  • a.employment relationship start and end dates
  • entity or company;
  • position held;
  • brief description of activity (max 500 characters);
2. Academic or professional training, indicating:
  • study course start and end dates;
  • level of education, by selecting one of the following fields:
  • high school diploma/ occupational training diploma (level 4-5 of the European Qualifications Framework);
  • university degree (three-year, Bachelor’s – 6 of the European Qualifications Framework);
  • postgraduate university degree (three-year, Master’s – 7 of the European Qualifications Framework);
  • postgraduate studies (research doctorate, level II Master’s – 8 of the European Qualifications Framework);
  • name (and area) of the study course;
3. brief description of the applicant’s past experience as an investor (max 1,000 characters);
4. language skills, indicating the relative level of knowledge for each language (elementary, good, excellent/mother tongue)
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