You may be related to an Italian citizen without knowing it. Italy passed a 1992 law allowing people to claim Jure Sanguinis, granting them the chance to apply for Italian citizenship by descent. So, you may qualify for dual citizenship with Italy if you have Italian blood in your family tree.

At Bersani Law Firm, we have a team of qualified Italian Citizenship Lawyers and Immigration Lawyers. Our experts are ready to help determine your Italian heritage and find ways to get you in the country. We are confident in our Italian Citizenship assistance services, guiding clients throughout the entire process and guaranteeing satisfaction.

Discover more about the Jure Sanguinis application: 

What is the so-called “Jure Sanguinis Italy”? 

How long does Jure Sanguinis take? 

We will share our knowledge of the Jure Sanguinis procedures with you, explaining how the Jure Sanguinis works and how we can give you qualified assistance on your Italian citizenship application for the Jure Sanguinis.


What is the “Jure Sanguinis principle”? 

According to the generic definition, the Jure Sanguinis is a principle of nationality law by which citizenship is determined or acquired by the nationality or ethnicity of one or both parents.

The Jure Sanguinis principle was set by the Italian Citizenship Law starting from Civil Code in 1856, then implemented in 1912, and finally by the Italian Law 91/1992. 

So, if You have Italian ancestors in Your family’s bloodline (i.e., Your grandparents or great-grandparents, or a single great-grandfather or grandfather or grandmother, were born in Italy), you may be eligible to claim Italian Citizenship by Descent under the Jus Sanguinis Italy principle.

And do not be confused by different terms. You can find them online: you may often find definitions like “Jus Sanguinis Italy” or “Jure Sanguinis Italy.” This is the same process.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it seems: it’s essential to have an uninterrupted bloodline and check all Vital Records certificates to prove that.

Indeed, some of the mandatory documents and certificates You will need are Birth Certificates (of Your grandparents, great-grandparents, or any other Italian ancestor You have), Certificates of Naturalization Records or No Records, Marriage Certificates, and so on.


 When we talk about applying for Jure Sanguinis Italy, we have to focus on your options for getting Italian Citizenship by Descent

The rules are not so so different than the process of how to get Italian Citizenship by Descent,as (generally) we refer to the same application process.

 So, You can apply for Jus Sanguinis Italy following the exact requirements for Italian Citizenship through the Ancestry program: you will always need all vital records for each person in the bloodline, starting from the Italian Ancestors (grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on), until You as the principal applicant. 

Do You have children?

That’s not a problem, of course, and however, you will have to collect their birth certificates.

Proving your Italian ancestry involves a lot of detective work. You would need access to Italian and American records to determine whether or not the jure sanguinis principle would apply to your case.

Our firm has the resources to examine your situation. We have contacts across Italy and the U.S. to help gather all your legal documents, effectively finding your link between both territories.

Once we collect your records, we can attend to the authentication process, establishing your connection to Italy. As we connect the dots, we ensure that you remain informed throughout every step of the process.

We take our assistance beyond simply organizing and managing documents. We want to help you understand the exciting prospects of obtaining dual Italian-American citizenship.

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The general rule states that You have to fill your Italian Citizenship by Descent application at the local Italian Consulate. 

This may be true, but it’s not mandatory in 2 different situations. 

The first one is when Your Italian Citizenship by Descent case falls under the special case so-called “Italian Citizenship 1948 case“, so when you find a woman in Your Italian family bloodline. 

The 1948 Cases are special applications under the Jure Sanguinis

Only the Italian Court must process the 1948 Italian Citizenship cases only through the Italian Court.

The second one is You have not a 1948 Italian Citizenship case, but you’re facing relevant issues with the same Italian Consulate. 

What type of issues?

We refer to the most ordinary circumstances, like long wait times for just an appointment, or if you cannot book appointments at the Italian Consulate for several reasons, not depending on Yourself. 

So what to do in this last case? How the Italian Court has relevance? 


Get in touch with our expert Italian citizenship lawyers today. We have the skills and resources to trace your Italian ancestry and help you obtain dual citizenship.

We tailor our services according to individual clients, understanding that each case is different. Allow us to handle your case, and we will dedicate our services to determine your eligibility for Italian dual citizenship.

Please, write it correctly - or it will be impossible to reply to you back.

Why people are moving to apply to the Italian Court, when possible?

This is starting to be a trending option, as the Italian Consulates are stuck and unable to handle all applications, according to statistics limited to the United States.

The graph shows how many applications there are in the US-only, compared to how many applications the Italian Consulates can process.

As you can notice from the Graph, there is too much request for Italian Citizenship by Descent (purple line) than the actual capacity of the Italian Consulates (Blue line).

You can read a more in-depth article about this opportunity on How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy in 2021.


Obtaining Italian citizenship by claiming Jure Sanguinis involves applying at your local Italian Consulate. However, certain situations may require you to settle your case through the Italian Court. In other words, you may have to travel to prove your Italian heritage.

One situation that would require you to bring your case to the Italian Court is when you have a 1948 Italian Citizenship case. This particular case is when your Italian ancestor is a woman.

Another reason you may have to face the Italian Court is when your local Italian Consulate takes too long or fails to book an appointment with you. Your local consulate may leave you waiting up to two years before honoring your case.

So, let’s summarize when you can apply for Italian Citizenship under the Jure Sanguinis:

At Bersani Law Firm, our experts can make arrangements between Italy and America for your convenience. You wouldn’t have to fly to Italy to prove your ancestry and secure Italian citizenship. We can handle your case from beginning to end once you allow us.

  • Step 1 – Analysis: Our experts will determine whether your heritage qualifies you for Italian citizenship.
  • Step 2 – Documents: Our team will gather your legal documents associated with your Italian citizenship.
  • Step 3 – Authentication: We will verify your records with the offices in charge to ensure a flawless application process.
  • Step 4 – Application: We have offices in Italy and the US to effectively handle your unique case.

Skip the years of waiting and the international plane ticket. Get results as quickly and efficiently as possible with our expert team.

Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis – The Administrative Path

The “ordinary path” or “normal path” means to follow the administrative process of the Italian Citizenship by Descent path, so going through the Italian Consulate (if you are living abroad) or Italian Municipality or Comune (if you live in Italy). 

As expertise Italian Citizenship Attorneys, We assist our clients from beginning to end on the entire process, and also all Your family members can join the same Italian bloodline.

Read more about applying for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis following the Guide to Getting Dual Citizenship in Italy.

Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis – The 1948 Rule

The Italian Citizenship by Descent 1948 Case applies for Italian Citizenship by blood, only through the Civil Court in Rome.

We assist our clients from beginning to end on the entire process, and also all Your family members who are entitled to have an Italian Passport through the same Ancestry line. 

Read more about applying for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis following the particular case of the 1948 Italian Citizenship.

Italian Citizenship Jus Sanguinis With The Court Path

The Italian Citizenship by Descent Court Path is a unique way to apply for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis because it is impossible to apply through the Italian Consulate.

Indeed, we will handle these cases through the Civil Court, in certain circumstances – generally connected to the fact that the Italian Consulate is not efficient. 

A typical example is when you cannot have an appointment in 2 years, or it’s simply impossible to book an appointment for submitting your Jure Sanguinis application. 

We will assist You in this process; give Us a Power of Attorney and be helped by Italian Citizenship Lawyers’ expertise.

Read more about this process on How to get Italian Citizenship by Descent.

Get Your Tailored Assistance On Jus Sanguinis Italy


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