ITALIAN DUAL CITIZENSHIP: How To Get Dual Citizenship In Italy?

How To Become Italian Dual Citizenship? 

How to Get Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent?

These are only a few questions that we received every day – and now we try to respond to all Your doubts and questions. 

We want to share with you all our experience and knowledge about applying for Italian dual Citizenship.


If You are looking for information about the Italian Dual Citizenship application, or How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy, or if you’re interested to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship, You are in the right place. 

Applying for an Italian Dual Citizenship is one of the most challenging steps You can take, but that’s why we are here. 

We will assist you to step by step on all Italian Dual Citizenship applications, avoiding and solving any issue. You may face, commonly related to Italian Citizenship documents, Italian Consulates, and the application itself.

How to get Dual Italian-American Citizenship?

We respond to that question, and here You will find all the primary information You need.

Your Italian Dual Citizenship application will never be so easy.

Let’s start with a video introduction – relax, enjoy the video, and then start Your journey with Us for your Italian Dual Citizenship


This is a really changeling question, but we will give you all information to evaluate your potential eligibility for Italian Citizenship

First at all, we have to distingue what type of Italian Citizenship application you want to start. 

Indeed, different are the Italian dual Citizenship requirements for each path.

You can apply for Italian Citizenship through Your Italian Ancestors.

You can apply for Italian Citizenship because of your Italian ancestry, or because You married an Italian man or an Italian woman, or just because You are Italian resident. 

But let’s say you want to apply for an Italian Passport through descent, so You’re trying to understand if you qualify for Italian Citizenship by Descent.

In this case, what is essential is to have a clear prospect of Your family tree, starting from your Italian ancestors to you (as best as possible).


Do You have a clear family tree, with all the Vital information about all people in the bloodline? 

Perfect, you may be able to qualify for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent. We will analyze Your information, and you’ll have a clear answer.

And following the European Official statistics on Italian Citizenship, applying for Dual Italian Citizenship is booming in the last few years.


.. Or you can get Italian Dual Citizenship through Marriage.

Let’s take another example.

Let’s think You want to apply for getting Dual Italian Citizenship through Marriage.

If you are applying for Italian Dual Citizenship by Marriage, what You have to ask yourself is: “Did I married an Italian Spouse (male or female) by a few years?” 

If the answer is Yes, that’s perfect! 

 You may qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship by Marriage

We will analyze Your marriage certificate and all information about your current family composition to understand How to get Dual Italian Citizenship for You and Your family members. 

So: How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy?

You may be eligible for Italian Dual Citizenship, and first of all, it’s important to be sure You qualify after checking all Your options. 

That’s why we are here, and after reading this entire page, You will have more clear ideas [And maybe, you may discover new opportunities].

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“How do I Get Dual Citizenship?”

“How to get dual American-Italian citizenship?”

These are excellent questions that ofter we receive, and the answers are different, as different are the ways to obtain an Italian Passport. 

Let’s see how and where getting Dual Citizenship on both relevant sides

Where to obtain Italian Dual Citizenship?

How to obtain Italian Dual Citizenship?

Where to Get Italian Dual Citizenship

First of all, it’s important to understand where to submit your application. You can prepare a perfect application, but you will never grant Italian Citizenship if you miss the right place to apply. You can apply for an Italian Dual Passport in 3 different places:

Italian Dual Citizenship | How to Get Dual Citizenship Italy 1

Italian Consulate

If you are not an Italian resident, you generally have to apply at the local Italian Consulate if you’re living abroad.

Italian Dual Citizenship | How to Get Dual Citizenship Italy 2

Italian Municipality

If you are an Italian resident, you generally have to apply at the local Italian Municipality (so-called Italian Comune) if you’re living in Italy.

Italian Dual Citizenship | How to Get Dual Citizenship Italy 3

Italian Court

You can apply to the Italian Court both if You are an Italian resident and not an Italian resident. The Italian Court will grant your Italian dual Citizenship in different cases – just as an example: 1948 Italian Citizenship Cases.

How Can I choose where to apply between Consulate, Comune or Court? 

There are different elements to consider to select one path than another one. 

This is not a matter of where You live, but where it would better grant your right to claim Italian Citizenship.

For example, if you are applying for Italian Citizenship under the Jus Sanguinis path, you may be able to apply at the local Italian Consulate if in the Italian bloodline there are only men, and the Consulate can process Your application in a short wait time.

Or, if you’re applying for a 1948 Case of Italian Citizenship, you have to fill your application only at the Italian Court. 

The same if the Italian Consulate cannot process your Italian Citizenship Application, or if you had a formal rejection, you have to appeal.

[ We deeply talked about these different options on a dedicated page about How to Get Italian Citizenship by Descent and  Italian Citizenship by Descent ]

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