Investor Visa for Italy [2022] Citizenship by Investment in Italy?

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Are you looking to obtain Citizenship by investment in Italy? In this guide, we’ll talk you through how you can get an Investor Visa for Italy and how to get your Italian Citizenship by Investment through this residency-by-investment Program.

A full guide [Updated for 2022] on the Investor Visa for Italy process and requirements.

Investor Visa for Italy [2022] – Today Contents


The Investor Visa for Italy in 2022: What to know?

In 2019, Italy received 95 million tourists, which placed it sixth in the list of most popular tourist destinations globally.

Exploring the world can be one of the most fruitful phases of your life, and Italy may be on your list of places to go. If you want to temporarily settle without too much time commitment obligated to school or work, you may want to look into the possibility of obtaining an investor visa for Italy.

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A photo of Rome, Italy – Here there’s the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MISE. They will evaluate your application for the Investor Visa for Italy

What is a Visa? A visa is a temporary authorization for a passport holder to enter a country, and foreign governments grant them to travelers.

Although some countries are visa-free and do not require any pre-applied permissions to enter, Italy does mandate a pre-approved visa. And a great way to gain visa access is through investor visas.

Interested in learning more? Then keep reading to see how you can obtain an Investor Visa for Italy [also called Golden Visa for Italy] and Italian citizenship by investment.

Eligibility Requirements for an Investor Visa for Italy

What are the Requirements for an Investor Visa for Italy?

If you are trying to gain access to a visa for Italy through investment, it needs to be directed to a single entity. Apart from the investment contribution, you need to have no criminal record, and your assets must be transferable and in your name.

What are the main requirements for applying for the Italy Investor Visa?

One characteristic that helps divide each of these investment opportunities is a financial commitment. More secure programs (such as government bonds) require a more significant financial contribution from a potential investor. At the same time, riskier investments (such as start-ups and corporate investments) require fewer capital contributions. 

These qualifications, along with your investment, make you eligible for an investor visa. The necessary financial contribution varies depending on which method you are using to gain eligibility for an Italian investment visa

Italian Government Bonds

The Italian government issues these bonds when they are seeking to raise money. By purchasing a bond, you give a loan to the government they agree to pay back in the future.

Depending on the government bond, you may pay increments into the bond over a period of time or provide a singular lump sum. This is not a simple investment; you must pay a minimum of €2 million in Italian government bonds to be eligible for the investor visa program.

Because government bonds are fixed-income securities, they earn a set interest every year. Although treasury bonds are often considered risk-free assessments, there is no total assurance that you could receive your investment. This does seem to be the best method to have the highest opportunity to regain your investment.

Donations in Public Interest Projects

Not only does the Italian government want money to be funneled to them and the private sector, but they also want money to come externally to promote public interest projects.

If you were considering making a large philanthropic donation, perhaps look into investing in an eligible public interest project. These projects can help restore cultural heritage sites, produce mass amounts of research, and improve daily life in Italy. This would mean that your donation also makes it possible for you to seek temporary residence in Italy.

Investing in a public interest project means a variety of things. Here are some of the areas included in the public interest umbrella: 

  • Art and culture
  • Heritage
  • Education
  • Ecology
  • Immigration management 
  • Research
  • Development 

Because there is no financial return from these projects, they are truly donations. You are not expected to make a profit off of this investment in Italy. The minimum an investor must pay for a public interest project is €1 million to become eligible for the investor visa program.

Individuals who obtain Italian investor visas through this means of investment are primarily philanthropists. Not only does philanthropy allow individuals to help improve society, but it also helps to establish connections and maintain a positive reputation. 

Corporate Bonds or Shares – Investment into an Italian Company

A corporate bond is a debt security that is issued by a firm and sold to investors. Once the bond expires or reaches maturity, the payments will end, and the Government must return the original investment. Companies sell corporate bonds to gain money to use on upcoming projects.

Corporate bonds are usually viewed as a risk to your investment in government bonds, so they have a higher interest rate. This means that although they are a more significant risk, there is also a more major potential benefit.

The logo of the Investor Visa for Italy program

Highly rated corporate bonds are a reliable source of income for your investment portfolio. These can help you gather money that you use during a later stage of life.

This is a great way to join the application for an Investor Visa for Italy: you can invest into stocks, for having a higher return in the short-mid term (you can always sell your stocks later, after few years or when you prefer).

Countries such as Italy often incentivize corporate bonds to drive more investment and industry into their region. That is why Italian corporate bonds or shares in the company only require €500,000 for an investor to become eligible for a visa.

Corporate bonds are a great way to accumulate money for a later phase of life, although there is a risk to corporate bonds. If you can find a reliable company, you can reduce your risk. Bonds are an excellent way for you to diversify your portfolio.

The most common categories of a limited company recognized by the Italian law are s.r.l. (società a responsabilità limitata), s.p.a. (società per azioni), and their variants are all eligible. They can be either listed or unlisted.

Also, direct investments in other types of firms that are comparable to limited companies are eligible. These include, among others, the following investment companies: SICAVs; SICAFs, SGRs, SIMs – Società di Intermediazione Mobiliare.

Innovative Start-up

Start-ups have fantastic potential. Although 90% of start-ups fail, they offer an increased salary potential, innovation in the workplace, and the growth of a new profession.

Many start-ups tend to fail due to a lack of stability and financial support. So by investing in a start-up, you can help give it an opportunity to survive and thrive.

An innovative start-up is any company with a shared capital and is not listed or regulated on the market yet. These companies need funds to help launch and go public. Similar to corporate bonds, the Italian government can incentivize growth in the industry by luring investors.

If you invest in an innovative start-up, it only requires €250,000 to make yourself eligible for an investor visa. This method of investment is often referred to as the Startup Visa. 

Countries like Italy can incentivize investors to come and help new start-ups prosper. With this external money, Italy can climb in global rank and innovation.

How to Apply for an Investor Visa for Italy in 2022? All the Steps

Getting a tourist visa is a much easier process than seeking residence. However, this Visa program grants a fantastic opportunity for individuals to find a way to invest money to better Italy and gain temporary residence in the country.

This cannot be done with a tourist Visa: you need to apply for a long-term Visa (Type D), as the Investor Visa for Italy is.

Once you sift through your investment opportunities to find one that fits your financial situation, you must begin a trail of paperwork. 

Depending on your financial situation and eligibility program, your timeline and method of application can vary. All of the paperwork may seem overwhelming, so follow this guide to ease your visa acquisition process. 

So let’s see the main steps of the application for an Investor Visa for Italy in 2022:

1. Applying for Nulla Osta

A nulla osta is an online form from the Italian Internal Affairs Ministry. This document allows you to be eligible to travel and stay temporarily in Italy. 

A “Nulla Osta” is the main requirement for getting the Investor Visa for Italy.

To attain this form, you must preemptively complete these documents and be approved. To complete this form, you must download the Final Declaration and sign it. 

Once you submit this aspect of your visa, it will be reviewed by the Investor Visa Committee Secretariat. This phase is evaluated before a panel then sent forward to the Investor Visa committee. Within 30 days, you will hear a verdict from the committee. 

2. Applying for the Italy Investor Visa itself

If the Investor Visa Committee approves your request for nulla osta, you can apply for a visa with the Italian embassy or consulate. Your approval from the committee will grant you six months to complete this task.

This is how the Investor Visa looks. It’s a sticker the Italian Consulate will add on your Passport.

You must submit hard copies of your documents to the local embassy or consulate. Once you are granted your visa from the embassy or consulate, you have two years to go to Italy. 

3. After your Arrival in Italy with the Investor Visa

Your Investor Visa permits you to enter but not to be a temporary resident. Once you have entered the Italian borders, you need to go to the police headquarters to file for an Italian Investor Visa Residency Permit. 

You have, in particular, 8 days to apply for the Residence Permit as Investor.

From the time of entry, you are given two years to be a resident of Italy. You have additional security in your financial investment because it does not need to be made until three months after applying for your residency permit. You must maintain the investment throughout your period of temporary residency. 

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Timeline for the Investor Visa for Italy in 2022: How long it takes?

It only takes a few months to acquire this investor visa. Once approved, this visa is valid for two years. This countdown begins at the time of entry. 

While your stay can last for two years, you can renew it to remain in Italy for an additional three years if you apply at least 60 days before expiration. 

The documents required for the Investor Visa for Italy in 2022

Applying for your Italy Investor Visa is two parts: your nulla osta and your investment visa. When it comes to filing the first segment, the nulla osta, you must submit the following: 

  • Copy of passport
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Financial resource assessments
  • Declaration of commitment
  • Proof of consent from investment 
  • Description as former investor

Disclaimer – this is not a legal advise, so do not consider this list as esaustive and/or complete: each case must be evaluate on case-by-case basis –

The nulla osta is only part one of getting your temporary residency in Italy. You need to submit more documentation to finalize your residency. These other documents are: 

  • Copy of nulla ostra
  • Evidence of accommodation in Italy
  • Proof of income
  • Passport photo
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of residency in your country

Because people from all over the world are eligible to participate in the Italian visa, You must submit all of your documents in English or Italian. If your official state documents are not in those languages, you must have them certified. 

Long-term stay with your Investor Visa for Italy in 2022

Once you get acclimated to the Italian lifestyle, you sure won’t want to leave. That is why they have multiple long-term stay options for Italian investment visa holders.

You have the opportunity to renew your Investor visa for Italy to extend your residency rights. If you are looking for a long-term residency solution, you also have the ability to apply for Italian citizenship. The citizenship process could be rather lengthy, so it is recommended that you know Italy is the place for you.

Renewal of the Investor Visa for Italy: How it works?

To renew your investor visa, you must maintain the same eligibility amount – to be clear: you can to maintain your original investment. So, you have not to touch it: don’t change it, don’t sell your stocks for others, and so on.

You can renew this permit every three years. Although this will seemingly get more expensive, you can slowly grow savvier in your investments. 

Renewing your visa does still require you to resubmit your visa information. The Investor Visa Committee will review this information to ensure that you still are eligible to enroll in this program. 

Apply for Italian Citizenship by investment, through naturalization

The Italian Investor Visa is not only an opportunity for temporary residency, but it also can serve as a pathway to gain Italian citizenship. If you renew your temporary residency to reside in Italy for at least 10 years, you can apply through naturalization and get Italian citizenship by investment. 

There are several added benefits of citizenship. Although even temporary residents can enroll in certain state systems (such as healthcare), Italian citizenship is added perk.

Italian citizens have the right to move and work throughout the entire EU. Once you have become naturalized, you can participate in voting and pass your citizenship to your children. 

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Benefits of Obtaining an Investor Visa for Italy in 2022

Once you have a temporary residence through your visa in Italy, you can enjoy a life full of culture, refined education and healthcare, and financial opportunity. Before you file for a visa, it is important to ensure that the benefits associated with visa acquisition directly affect you.

Italy is known to provide some of the best benefits to visa holders. If you are contemplating a residency by investment, it is important to ensure that this is a worthwhile opportunity. Not only would you want your investment to be strong, but you also want to ensure you are making a wise choice in transitioning to Italy for yourself.

Visa-Free Travel to Europe’s Schengen Area

The Schengen area of Europe is a region where 26 different European countries abolish their internal orders. This removes the restriction of people and helps to establish a level of harmony between these countries. They operate with increased coordination in their criminal, judicial, and economic systems.

The name Schengen is derived from the small town in Luxembourg where five of the countries met to sign the original Schengen Agreement. Because Italy is included in the Schengen Agreement, you can travel to the surrounding 26 countries under your investor visa. These countries include: 

  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Luxembourg
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Slovenia
  • Norway
  • Lithuania
  • Iceland
  • France
  • Czech Republic
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Netherlands
  • Lichtenstein
  • Hungary
  • Finland
  • Belgium 
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Malta
  • Latvia
  • Greece
  • Estonia
  • Austria

Although many countries in the Schengen area are also included in the European Union, these are two separate entities. The Schengen Agreement is designed solely to promote the free movement of people between the participating countries.

There have been many inquiries as to if your investment must be made specifically within the borders of Italy due to the close ties that the country has to the Schengen area. This is true; you must make an Italian-specific investment to access this type of investment visa.

A later benefit that can come if you decide to seek permanent residency would be traveling throughout the European Union. For now, these 26 countries will keep you plenty busy on your weekend excursions.

Ability to Explore Italy’s Rich Culture

With a history dating back to the Roman empire itself, the emergence of the Roman Catholic Church, and the renaissance to the immersion of Western thought, Italy is a country rich in culture and history. Italy has had a robust impact on humanism and culture around the world.

Italian culture has stayed very true to its roots. This is possible because even though it is home to 62 million people, it has remained 96% Italian. The cultural richness of Italy attracts visitors from all over the world.

Italians have been able to successfully preserve their history and language as such a homogenous people. It is beautiful to explore Italy and see the blend of modern and historical sites in every city.

People are eager to explore the fine wine and dining that the region has to offer. Culturally, meals are not just for sustenance but are also a time to surround yourself with flavorful cuisines and come together with friends and family. 

Art is truly inspired by the great works of Italian artists of the past. Artwork of Michaelangelo, DeVinci, Botticelli, and other world-renowned artists are displayed across the country. These masterpieces draw appreciative eyes and global attention. 

Italy takes great pride in its tradition and maintenance of great pillars of culture. Relocation to Italy means the ability to soak in great pieces of art and architecture and enjoy delicious cuisine at every meal. 

Again, Italy is the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world. That is because millions of tourists are attracted to the culture, landscape, and art that this country offers.

No Permanent Stay Required

When you file for a visa, many countries adhere to clauses that require you to stay within the borders for the duration of your visa. This is not true of an Italy Investment visa. 

Of course, you can traverse through the Schengen region, but you may also return home or travel to other regions on different visas during your stay. Even if you leave to travel or return to your home country, you still have a valid residency status that is not easily revoked. 

Many investors hesitate to start in an international market because they will be “stuck.” Italy ensures this is not a deterring factor for prospective investors. 

Use Benefits of Flat Tax Structure

A flat tax structure is one in which everyone pays the same tax rate, regardless of their income. This can result in tax rate wars between neighboring countries to make themselves desirable. However, as a foreign investor, it typically ensures that you spend less in taxes annually. 

In Italy, any foreign-based income is subject to a flat tax of 7%. Financial investments and real estate abroad are excepted from these wealth taxes and do not have to be disclosed if you follow a special tax regime. You can help to preserve your wealth by relocating to Italy as an investor. 

Access to Medical Care and Educational Facilities

As of 2021, Italy ranks second in world healthcare. Italy’s National Health Service is tax-funded and regionally based.

It provides universal coverage and is free of charge at the time of service. The treatments do vary based on which of the 20 administrative regions you reside in. 

A benefit of seeking temporary residence in Italy is that all legal residents can enroll in the Italian healthcare system. 

Start now applying for the Investor Visa for Italy!

Seeking temporary residency in Italy through an investment visa program is a great way to become more self-reliant and appreciate culture and travel. An investment visa can allow you to expand your financial prospects and take your starting steps into a new financial system to diversify your portfolio.

And if you find that you love living in Italy, you can always apply for Italian citizenship through the methods outlined in this article.

Before you begin to immerse yourself in the food and culture of Italy, you need to persevere through the application process. Connect with us for more assistance in attaining an investor visa for Italy.


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