Italian Dual Citizenship Cost [by Descent]

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We stand for quality. And we’re proud of it.

We care about honesty & transparency with you.
That’s why we want you to know everything about the Costs and Fees behind the application for Italian Citizenship.

+ taxes
  • Setting up the application process 
  • Preparation of basic Forms required to the application [or filing the petition in case of the Court Path)
+ taxes
Up to 4 applicants
  • Setting up the application process 
  • Full Assistance (beginning to end) of preparing all documents
  • Up to 4 applicants covered without additional fees
  • Checking of records (in Italy, US, and anywhere in the world) needed
  • Translations in Italian [only 1 bloodline] by our certified translators

+ taxes
Up to 5 Applicants
  • Setting up the application process for all applicants
  • Full Assistance (beginning to end) of preparing all documents
  • Italian Citizenship Attorney exclusively assigned to you
  • Up to 5 applicants covered without additional fees
  • Checking of records (in Italy, US, and anywhere in the world) needed
  • Remote guidance on the legalization process of any US records (Apostille, Legalization)
  • Full Translations in Italian of all the documents needed for the Italian Citizenship application
  • Certification of Translations by registered and licensed translators 
  • Genealogical Researches in Italy, if necessary
  • Preparation of primary forms needed for the application
  • Checking “no-impediments” factors which may affects (negatively) your application
  • Checking all correct registrations about Italian-side certificates  (to prevent any process slow-down and obstacles)
  • Preparing all documents before our Court petition [in case of Court Path]
  • Filing Court application and attending all hearings [in case of Court Path]
  • Passport Request for all co-applicants
  • AIRE Registration for all co-applicants 

It means that the price is fixed, without additional fees or extra fees or “surprise fees” for up to 5 applicants together.
If you’re multiple applicants, this is certainly the best Service Package for you (best services, fewer fees as you will split the total amount between you all).

Yes, translations are included for one Italian bloodline.
What does it mean?
If you are multiple applicants with different Italian documents (example: one applicant is going through the maternal line, the other through the paternal line), the translation cost is higher (more documents to translate, more costs).

The Silver Package is recommended for those with all documents already with Apostille and Translations.

We believe in total honesty and transparency with our clients, so we list all fees and costs.
You may find lower prices on the web, but are you sure the costs are all “all-inclusive”? Are you 100% sure there won’t be “surprise costs”? Beware of marketing advertising and traps-
We are a team of licensed and experienced Attorneys, so we do guarantee maximum competence and professionalism.
We are not a commercial company that aims to sell – we are professionals that aim to give quality.
You’re about to get a Passport, a Citizenship – it will be a long journey together, so be sure to hire qualified Attorneys you can trust, and not random companies.
Do you think a valuable service will be cheap? Lower prices are certainly synonymous with lower quality.

As non included services, there are:

– Genealogical Researches in your home country. We can process genealogical research in Italy (and in a few countries like the U.S.), but only for Clients with Platinum Package.
Obtaining documents in your home Country.
Requesting Apostille on your own.

Why are these services not included?
If we handle these steps, it will slow the process down by months (as we need to wait for documents from abroad, then re-send the same documents again abroad for the next steps, and so on).
And it also means more expenses from the Client’s side.
We want the process to be as fast as possible.

Taxes to be added at the total amount are 22% – like every tax, they cannot be negotiable, of course.

The standard rate is € 1,000 (tax included) for each additional applicant.
More applicants mean more documents (so more costs to afford on our side too).

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