Italian Citizenship by marriage requirements: 5 Most Important ones

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Italian Citizenship by marriage requirements: 5 things you need to know.

Italy is home to more than 60 million people.
Now, while most Italian citizens may live in their home country, not all do!
Some live outside their countries, too.


If you’re interested in becoming an Italian citizen, one way you can do so is by marriage.
However, gaining Italian dual citizenship through marriage has a few hoops you’ll have to jump through. 

To make sure you navigate the process easier, you’ll need to know what those hoops are.
Here’s a guide to the top five Italian citizenship by marriage requirements you should be aware of.

1. Living in Italy vs. Outside of Italy

Just because you’re married to an Italian citizen doesn’t mean that the requirements are all the same.
Eligibility can vary quite a bit depending on your unique situation!

Individuals who live in Italy and are married to Italian citizens can apply after just two years of marriage.

Whether you’re in a same-sex marriage or a heterosexual union, it is true. 

On the other hand, if you’re not living in Italy, you’ll have to wait an extra year to apply.

Even though you can still apply for citizenship, the minimum amount of time that you will need to pass is three years. 

How Kids Affect Italian Citizenship by Marriage

If you and your Italian spouse have kids, things get a little bit easier. 

If you live in Italy, are married to an Italian, and have a child, then you can apply for Italian citizenship by marriage after just one year.

For those who are living outside of Italy but are married to an Italian and have a child with them, you can apply for citizenship after 18 months. 

So, beware of making the right math when checking if you have all the Italian Citizenship by marriage requirements.

2. You’ll Need to Provide the Right Documentation

When it comes to applying for Italian citizenship through marriage, simply being married isn’t enough.
You’ll also need to provide a few documents to the government. 

– Quick Facts –
What is the current Italian citizenship by marriage processing time?

Right now, the current processing time is around 2 years, on average.

Firstly, you’ll need to produce a copy of your marriage certificate.
If you were married outside of Italy, you’d need to get a transcript of it from the Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad, also called the AIRE

Aside from the marriage certificate, you’ll need to produce the following documents: 

  • Your spouse’s Italian ID card
  • A certified copy of your foreign birth certificate
  • A background check

On top of submitting these documents, you’ll have to pay a 250 euro fee for your application.
You can pay this by check, credit card, or wire transfer, so there are a few different options to make things easy. 

3. You’ll Have to Take a Language Test

When you apply for Italian citizenship by marriage, you’ll also need to take an Italian language certification.
There are a couple of different options out there, including: 

  • CILS
  • AIL
  • CELI
  • IT

Remember, you need to score a B1 level on your exam.
This is an intermediate level of proficiency and is required so that you can apply for citizenship. 
The Language test is one of the most important Italian Citizenship by marriage requirements, overall.

4. Filing Abroad vs Domestically

Like your eligibility requirements, your filing requirements for Italian citizenship by marriage depend on whether you’re living in Italy or abroad. 

When you’re ready to file, you’ll have to start by filling out an online application.
It is comfortable as you can do it from any country, but it’s also pretty challenging.
Indeed, the application is entirely in Italian, and it’s particularly technical. 

However, once you’ve completed your online forms, it’s time to submit the in-person portion. 

Individuals living in Italy will have to visit the local Prefettura. It is your local county government authority in Italy. 

However, you’ll need to visit your local Italian embassy for those who live abroad.
Remember, this has to be the same consulate at which your Italian spouse is registered. 

5. You Can Get Support for Your Application

While some countries may require you to go it alone to get citizenship, Italy isn’t one of them.

You are welcome to get Italian citizenship assistance for getting your forms completed!

And, considering that the process involves a lot of paperwork and can be pretty confusing, it’s not a bad idea to hire a specialized Attorney, as we are. 

These types of services help you out by helping you fill out the necessary forms and gather the correct documents.

They’ll double-check everything to ensure that you’re not missing signatures or other aspects of your papers. 

From there, the team takes care of sending everything off to the Italian government.
They save you time and effort and ensure that everything goes to the correct place.  

Are you interested in applying?

Write us!

Get a tailored consultation on your case.
An attorney will evaluate the best application path for your Investor Visa for Italy.

The Process of Italian Citizenship by Marriage

Now that you know some of the top requirements let’s look at the exact process of applying for this type of citizenship.

Knowing what to expect will certainly help you in facing the process.

There are multiple steps in the process of applying for Italian citizenship.
Here’s what to expect at each phase.

Step One: Organize Your Documents

The first thing to do is gather all your documents and print out your application form.

The form has to be printed since you must sign it and acquire signatures from Italian authorities. 

On top of that, you’ll need to produce a passport, driver’s license, marriage certificate, and utility bill to prove residence in Italy.
You’ll also need to provide your original birth certificate and a translated copy. 

Remember, you have to take a background test as well.
You cannot have any criminal activity on your record. 

Note: divorced individuals will have to prove that the divorce is finalized.
This is true for either partner in the relationship. 

Step Two: Submit Your Application

With all your documents gathered and signed, you’re ready to submit your application.
You’ll have to have everything together in a PDF format. 

One pro tip is to take your documentation to your local Italian authority before submitting everything.
They’ll be able to let you know if you need to add anything to your package or if it’s good to go. 

Then, once you submit your documents, you’ll have to get an interview at the consulate.
If they deny your application or accept it with reservations, you may need to resubmit your documents. 

Step Three: Get Your Answer

Receiving an answer about your citizenship status can take a while.
It will usually take a month or more for you to get your application appointment, which can slow down the process. 

After your appointment, you’ll hear back on the status of your application in a maximum of four months.  

Other Considerations for Italian Citizenship by Marriage

Even though you know the five most essential requirements for your Italian citizenship by marriage application, there are other considerations to keep in mind. Let’s take a look to some interesting tips about Italian Citizenship by marriage requirements

Your Application Could Take a While

The entire process of getting Italian citizenship can take as much as a year to complete.
Even though you’ll hear back in a few months about the status, gathering your documents and scheduling your appointment with the consulate can take a while. 

Italian Citizenship Is Not Free

You will have to pay some fees in order to get your Italian citizenship.

Initially, you’ll have to pay about 250 euros in order to start the process.
However, there may be other costs that you’ll also need to be prepared for later on. 

Italian Citizenship Is Different from Permanent Residence

While getting Italian citizenship is an excellent idea for many people, permanent residency makes more sense for others.
These are not the same thing. 

Citizenship means that you’re a citizen of Italy and get an Italian passport.
You’ll also be able to vote, apply for jobs, and receive other benefits of being a citizen. 

Permanent residency means that you are allowed to live in Italy for a determined amount of time.
You’ll typically have to renew your permanent residence every five years or so. 

You’ll Need to Get Your Documents Translated

While you can complete the application form in English, there are other forms that you’ll need to get translated.
These include your marriage certificate and birth certificates.

On top of that, your translations have to be certified.
Otherwise, the Italian authorities won’t accept them.
You’ll need to use an approved translator to get the job done. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Italian Citizenship by marriage requirements.

How much do you need to invest in Italy to get a residency?

You have four different options.
You can choose between four types of investments for qualifying for the Investor Visa:
1. € 250,000 in Italian StartUp;
2. € 500,000 in Italian Company;
3. 1,000,000 Philathrophic donation;
4. 2,000,000 in Government Bonds;

Meet the Italian Citizenship by Marriage Requirements

With this guide to Italian citizenship by marriage requirements 2022, you’ll have no problem starting the process of becoming an Italian citizen.
Doing so is a wonderful way to experience this beautiful country!

Do you need help starting the process?
Or need more clarification on the Italian Citizenship by marriage requirements?
We’re here for you.
 Get in touch with our legal team, and we’ll help guide you through the Italian citizenship by marriage requirements for 2022.

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