A HUGE Guide to Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022

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Italy’s nationalistic tendencies are reassuring for its citizens. It means that the government is intent on protecting and preserving the well-being of its people. While other nations look to avoid this style of governance, the opposite motivation seems true at an individual level around the world. The proof is in the numbers, as more people are looking to obtain Italian citizenship than ever before.

Tack on access to the benefits of the European Union, and you have an incredible incentive to claim Italian citizenship. Of course, now people are investigating the process. It’s possible to follow through without help, but there are quite a few steps between an individual and Italian nationalization.

The solution? Italian citizenship assistance 2022. There are experts across the world focused on guiding people to gaining or claiming citizenship. But, you can’t jump in emptyhanded or without knowledge regarding the process. So, consider reading the following information to understand better what you need and what to expect.

If you were looking for Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022, you are in the right place.

How to Apply

Applying can seem quite complicated. There are a limited set of methods that you can pick from, and they’re worth mentioning now and elaborating on them in another section. Of course, applying will involve the Italian government, no matter which method you choose.

Common and known methods include ‘Jure Sanguinis,’ marriage, residency, cases regarding 1948, cases about 1991, and, on rare occasions, unique exceptions. The latter usually involves isolated situations and Italians living abroad.

In this section, you’ll get a general idea of what you can expect, regardless of which process you choose for obtaining Italian citizenship.

Getting Started with Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022

The beginning of the process involves finding how you might be eligible. This is something you can do with some assistance or on your own. Keep in mind, though, that many companies that lend a hand with this process might refuse if you’ve started without their help.

You’ll want to gather all the information you can regarding relatives that had or have Italian citizenship. You’ll need documentation and confirmation on where, in Italy, they were born. This includes the city or village’s, name and birth dates, and nicknames they might have had.

Confirmation regarding whether or not the relative or relatives were naturalized is also necessary. Get the names of everyone in your Italian family line, along with marriage status from the top down, starting from the ancestor born or naturalized in Italy.

Confirm Your Eligibility before your Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022.

If you manage to compile legitimate information, you’re ready for the following steps. However, confirming your eligibility is a bit tricky. There are multiple ways to obtain citizenship, and each can require additional info.

So, it’s a good idea to combine an effort to ensure you’re eligible and obtain more documentation at the same time. A great starting point, as mentioned before, is to get birth certificates for the applicant or applicants and all ancestry, where possible, along with paperwork that confirms residency in Italy and the US.

Finally, after you’re confident that you have all the documents with proper proof of legitimacy, you have to reach out to an Italian consulate. You might want to set an appointment far ahead of time, as these institutions are generally saturated and offer dates months after communication.

Recommendation Regarding Documentation 

It’s highly recommended that you compile as much certified documentation as possible. If anything an Italian consulate considers missing or omitted, even unintentionally, might push your progress back by months.

Gather everything you can, including birth, death, name change, divorce, marriage, and all other documentation that may be relevant. It’s common for consulates of any country to request information after an application that the same Consulate didn’t ask beforehand.

Legalize Documentation for International Recognition

Before your gathered paperwork reaches the Italian government’s eyes, you’ll want internationally recognized certification. This means all sign-offs and stamps of legitimacy in your country of origin.

This is so that, when you visit an Italian municipal office in person, a clerk can skim over the paperwork with ease and clearly tell that it’s legitimate. Again, skipping a step like this one can extend the process by months.

If you’ve failed to compile enough documentation to satisfy the clerk, they’ll request more. Eventually, you’ll have everything you need to move on to the next steps.

Recommendation Regarding Common Document Information 

Some information, like birth dates and I.D. numbers, appears on multiple documents. It’s highly recommended to check that this type of data is identical across all forms and documents. If anything doesn’t coincide, make sure to request adjustment at the appropriate institutions about said documents.

Waiting for Confirmation

Bureaucracy has its place in any system. In this case, like many others, it can cause a ton of frustration. However, once a clerk confirms everything, it’s time to wait. On rare occasions, for politically exposed individuals in Italy, for example, there are ways to expedite this part of the process and reduce waiting times.

However, you’ll likely have to wait quite a bit. Additionally, progress through the process isn’t communicated to you along the way. You can’t reach out, either, to care.

If an Italian official doesn’t reach out after 24 months, you might want to reach out and request an update or check if there’s been a mistake. It’s common, though, for people to wait between 12 and 48 months.
Some individuals get a green light after only a month, though.

Recommendation Regarding Communication During Waiting Period 

There’s an unwritten recommendation while applying for citizenship in any country.
This is to, regardless of frustration, remain respectful while communicating with an official from the country with which you’re requesting citizenship. This might seem obvious, but rude responses and yelling can kick you out of the process entirely.
Try and stay respectful and keep frustrations to yourself.

Finalization of the process.

Specifics regarding each case, be it obtaining Italian citizenship via marriage, ancestor, or other, are up ahead. But finalization of the process, in general, involves the following.

If your residency is abroad during your application, you’ll need confirmation in the Italian Government’s Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad (AIRE). This step is essential, of course, as it also opens the door to obtaining your Italian passport. Keep in mind that this requires a separate appointment with the Italian consulate.

There are a few differences if you live in Italy during the application.
You won’t need registration at the Italian Government’s Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad.
Instead, you’ll get or use your Italian identification card. This is obtained via a local municipality in your area of residence.

This final step is to provide evidence regarding your status as a citizen.
As believe it or not, the previous actions were enough to provide citizenship. So, you’re just confirming that you’re officially an Italian citizen to the government and the world.

Before Choosing a Type of Application

A plethora of people is looking for Italian citizenship assistance 2022, more than ever before, given the current state of the world. The Italian passport is considered the 4th strongest, which is just another factor driving its popularity.

Something people don’t realize, in this case, is that you must translate documents obtained in foreign languages to Italian and legalized with an Apostille seal. Only internationally recognized certification for documents is valid for formal recognition while present in other countries.

So, you’ll need to keep the following content by certified individuals more extended:

  • Italian translations
  • Italian vital records
  • Naturalization records
  • Updated fees
  • Updated estimated timelines

While repetitive, it’s worth mentioning that these documents must be certified by official and recognized Italian officials. Any foreign content has this requirement, regardless of country of origin.

Consider Reviewing These Questions for a successful Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022

Italian officials will ask a set of common questions for any given application.
Please take a look and keep them in mind before or during the process.

Set 1 

  • What is your ancestor’s full name?
  • In what Italian town were they born?
  • What is their date of birth?

Set 2 

  • Did this ancestor pass away before the 17th of March, 1861?
  • Is there a woman in your lineage who gave birth to her child before January 1st, 1984?
  • Did your ancestor naturalize before June 14th, 1912?

Set 3 

  • Did you or any ancestor renounce the right to Italian citizenship?
  • Has anyone else in your family applied for Italian citizenship?
  • Did your Italian ancestor naturalize before their child’s birth?

These are just examples of questions you might receive. They function more like a guide than anything else. It’s a good idea to keep them in mind at all times.

Different Types of Applications

Keeping all the bits mentioned above of information and recommendations in mind, it’s time to see what type of application works for you and your loved ones. Descent is one standard method, but there are three alternatives within the category. This can be through direct descendants, descendants of a woman in the family, and dual citizenship by descent.

If you don’t have an Italian ancestor, you can opt for residence or marriage.
There are extra steps for these methods, as they involve thorough checks from the Italian government. You can expect a more extended waiting period for both.

For clarification, here’s a look at each type of application into the services for Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022 and what they entail.

Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022: The Italian Citizenship By Descent category.

This is certainly the most requested services during searching for Italian Citizenship asssistance 2022. Direct descendants are the most common choice for those seeking Italian citizenship. The country uses the Latin term “Jure Sanguinis” for this method. As previously mentioned, the process involves a deep dive into your family’s history for ancestors with Italian citizenship.

There’s a small catch, though. The examples you use from your bloodline must not have, with no exception, renounced their Italian citizenship. This is proved via death certificates, more often than not. Additionally, the Italian bloodline must be unbroken from the ancestor in question and you.

Some of the documents you’ll need include ancestor vital records, ancestor proof of naturalization, your vital records. These are always necessary, but you’ll have to consult with an Italian government official to identify all the other documentation you’ll need specific to your case.

Special case: For Descendants of Women: THE 1984 CASES

Italian law proposes that women of Italian descent born before January 1, 1948, only pass on citizenship to children born after the same date. Italian consulates used to enforce this rule strictly and made no exceptions. In 2009, however, there was a dispute based on discrimination, urging the High Court of Rome to change their decision.


A New Rule in force from June 2022.
It’ll be valid for 1948 cases of Italian Citizenship. 

And for all Italian Citizenship applications through the Italian Tribunal.

You can apply for the 1948 Case through the local Immigration Court.

Based on where your Italian ancestor was born.

The Italian Government introduced this new rule in November 2021.

Law 26 November 2021, n. 206, has provided (with art. 1, paragraph

37) the following new rule.

When the plaintiff resides abroad, disputes regarding the ascertainment of the status of Italian Citizenship are assigned having regard to the municipality of birth of the father, mother, or ancestor of Italian citizens.

The provisions apply to proceedings initiated from one hundred and the eightieth day following the date of entry into force of this law “.

It means that all Italian Citizenship by descent applications won’t pass through the Court of Rome. 

As it happened until today.  

It may also be beneficial for new applicants. 

Indeed, the processing time may be lower than before.

Since then, modifications have made it possible for thousands of people to claim citizenship via a female ancestor against the requirements of the 1948 case. So, while the process might present unforeseen complications, it’s still a possibility.

Do you want to read more about the Italian Citizenship 1948 cases? Click here

Your physical presence in Italy is not required for the trial. However, this option must take place in the Italian court system. Additionally, it’s not a single-user process, as other family members can participate in the process simultaneously. This requires you to reach out to an Italian lawyer approved and registered with an Italian BAR association, like us.

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Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent

You can apply for Italian dual citizenship at three locations. These are an Italian consulate, municipality, or court. The first and last examples don’t require a physical presence in the country. However, you should base your decision on which might provide the fastest service.

For example, you might benefit from presenting yourself in Italy if you’re seeking Jus Sanguinis for Italian citizenship and have a living male ancestor. This removes many red tapes that arere otherwise present if you’re absent or trying via the 2009 reformation of the 1948 citizenship laws.

It’s worth considering that an Italian citizen that gained dual citizenship with the US before 1992 lost their Italian citizenship informally. This means the Italian Citizenship law removed it without formal notification. There are no exceptions, and it impacts the person and their offspring. After that date, though, you’re okay, as claiming dual citizenship with other countries is a lawful pursuit in the eyes of the Italian government now.

In some cases, people don’t qualify for Dual Citizenship but can apply for an Italian Visa regardless. These are details you have to consult with an Italian official for your specific case.

By Residence [less common Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022 category].

Obtaining Italian citizenship via residency sounds quite simple. In a nutshell, it involves 10 years of legal residence in Italy. This can change for former Italian citizens and descendants, resulting in a reduced requirement of only 3 years. However, refugees and citizens of countries in the European Union need to be residents for 5 years.

It’s a questionable path to citizenship, as you need to find a way to stay in the country for an impressive number of years without running into problems due to lack of documentation.

Italian Citizenship By Marriage

Marriage facilitates Italian nationalization in various ways. A non-Italian spouse that marries an Italian citizen can apply for citizenship two years after certifying marriage or civil union and after two years of residing in Italy. This number is bumped to three years if not living in Italy. If children come into the mix, the duration is cut in half as long as they’re 18 or under. This also applies to adopted children.

Starting in 2016, the Italian government recognized same-sex civil unions. So, the same rules would apply to partners that share a gender. However, since December 1, 2018, becoming an Italian citizen via marriage requires adequate knowledge of the Italian language. Specifically, this is the B1 level.

You have to get certification from an educational institution that the MIUR or MAECI approves. Otherwise, consider a degree issued by an Italian institution, be it private or public.

How To Get Italian Citizenship by Marriage? Read more on our dedicated page

In terms of documentation, if you’re an American citizen, for example, you’ll have to provide your US birth certificate along with FBI and state police background checks. Remember that these, and all US documents, must pass through an Apostille, along with official Italian translation by a consulate or embassy.

Driving Forces behind Italian Citizenship Popularity

The factors that drive Italy’s citizenship popularity also result in the strictness of the process used to obtain it. The government has so many requests to go through that a direct and noticeable impact on how long the process takes. What motivates people to apply?

There are a few strong reasons as to why so many send applications. The primary has to do with its high level of international acceptance. 174 countries around the world accept and respect Italian documentation. The passport opens up quite a few doors.

Human Rights laws are another motivator. Refugees seek asylum in the country due to its incredible moral background. The country actively sets out to help those in need, both in and out of Italy. They’re also a part of the European Union, which tacks on a more freeform way to travel between countries in Europe.

Business and employment are two other motivators. An Italian passport provides access to employment opportunities abroad. This also applies to countries within the European Union, which heavily reduces the tedious bureaucracy of obtaining an elective residency Visa. 

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Contacting Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022

Why reach out for assistance for obtaining Italian Citizenship 2022? That’s a great question with a plethora of even better answers.

First and foremost, small issues during an application can cause major delays in the process. A missing name, date, or certificate puts you all the way back at the end of the queue, in many cases. So, while it’s possible to do this on your own, it’s a good idea to get some help ironing out the details and ensuring that everything checks out.

Second, working with an experienced team is recommendable in any field. Someone who’s followed through with thousands of applications will have a keener eye than an individual applicant every time. They’ll also have some knowledge regarding loopholes or steps you can skip, legally, of course.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Us Now – Get a Free Eligibility Check on your Italian Citizenship application.

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Another factor involves payments. Yes, calling for help will include fees, often even for just a consultation. However, on the other hand, mishaps on your part might add large and unnecessary expenses in the process. So, paying for assistance can actually save you money; it’s a kind of insurance, per se.

Finally, you should consider the waiting period. Some assistants can expedite the process and drop it from 12 months down to 3 or 4. This isn’t always true, but it’s a possibility. They do this via contacts in and out of the process. Always legally, of course. But, they know who to call if there are any issues or if they happen upon any doubts. 

Overall, professional guidance makes sense. It’s an affordable way almost to guarantee a successful application. Choosing to hire qualified Italian Citizenship Attorneys will be certainly the best way for a qualified Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022.

Apply for Italian Citizenship Assistance 2022 Today

Given the nature of applying for citizenship in and of itself, it’s reasonable for people to assume that applying for Italian citizenship is complicated and expensive. This is, to an extent, a true statement. However, the process for Italy, specifically, offers a wide variety of alternatives for descendants, spouses, children, and individuals dreaming of a better life.

Getting qualified Italian citizenship Assistance 2022 provides a myriad of benefits, many of which are evident at first glance. Funnily enough, the slight advantages are even more remarkable. And, considering how popular the Italian passport is around the globe, the best time to naturalize was yesterday, but today’s second-best time to do it.

Don’t hesitate, give us a call. We can walk you through the process and clear up any doubts after reading this article. Italian citizenship assistance 2022 is our specialty. You have to pick when to get in touch.

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