Italian Elective Residence Visa: How To & Concrete Case

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Italian Elective Residence Visa: How to apply Elective Residence Visa Italy?

As we previously described here and here, there are several requirements for get an Italian Elective Residence Visa.

A recent case we processed, can be maybe useful.


Martin and Jane are two U.S. citizens, they are married, they have lived all their lives working hard, and now they have retired.

They always dreamt of moving to Italy and spending their elderly years in a beautiful house in the countryside of Verona.

Martin and Jane have a retirement pension, and they also receive a certain income during the year from the renting of real estate properties located in their home country and abroad.

They are seeking a solution that would allow them to move and settle down in Italy indefinitely.

They tried to apply for themselves, but the Consulate denied their application.

So, they decided to request our assistance.

What are the options for them to obtain an italian Elective Residence Visa?

Solution: Considering that Martin and Jane are retired and that they would like to move to Italy not to carry out any business or working activity, the elective residence visa and residence permit might be particularly interesting and appealing for them.

The elective residence visa program has been structured to give third-country nationals the possibility to move to Italy as long as their plan is not to work.

Indeed, the main conditions that someone interested in an elective residence visa, like Martin and Jane, need to take in consideration are the following:
• be sure to have sufficient economic resources to live in Italy and not be a burden for the Italian social system;
• be intentioned not to carry our any work activity.

Martin and Jane where help to Us preparing  all the documentation to demonstrate that they match the requirements.

They had to prove, principally but not exclusively, that
they have housing in Italy (purchased or leased property) and
(ii) they have more than a substantial amount of regular and stable financial resources and income that are proved to be likely steady in the future.

After 3 months, Consulate approved their application at the 1st attemp.

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