Italian Citizenship Application in Italy: Why this can be the Best Option?

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Why Italian Citizenship Application in italy can be the Best Option?

Italian Citizenship Application in Italy OR Italian Citizenship Application at Consulate?

Let’s see Why the 1st Option can be the best.


When applying for Italian citizenship by descent (Ius Sanguinis or jure sanguinis), there is one major decision you must make and that is where you would like to apply.

You can apply in the Consular jurisdiction where you live or you can also apply in Italy.

Most people who are eligible for Italian citizenship by descent, live under a Consular jurisdiction where the average wait time for an appointment and/or for the decision can be several years.

These long waits are due to the growth and popularity of applying for citizenship by descent which has caused these times to significantly increase over the past decade.

So:  Why the Italian Citizenship Application in Italy can be the Best Option?


PROS of applying in Italy:

  1.  It is generally a more expedited process.
    And We are here to assist You, so the process can be really fast.
  2. You can eliminate the wait time for the initial appointment with the consulate.
  3. Depending on your location, you can literally save months of waiting.
    In the vast majority of municipalities appointments aren’t necessary or possible to obtain. Generally, there are walk in services only.
  4. You need, sometimes, fewer documents.
    For example, you will also find that non-direct line family members’ documents are not required whereas some consulates around the world may require these non-direct Italian family line documents.
  5. The municipalities (comuni) are less demanding (in regard to the documents required) especially when applying at a smaller municipality (comune).
    Also, scrutiny over translations and their certifications may be slightly less stringent in Italy.
  6. Once you apply in Italy you are allowed to stay in Italy as long as your process takes without Schengen restrictions applying to you.
    You can have a special Residence Permit; We can assist You on that.
  7. You can immediately start your new life in Italy without having to wait for an answer from the consulate.
    It is possible to be in Italy right away and experience the land of your ancestors while getting a more tangible experience in the country for those of you who are already considering and contemplating a move to Italy or Europe at some point.

Is this also valid if I’m eligible for 1948s Case by Female Ancestor?


In case of Italian Citizenship Application by Female Ancestor (1948s cases – we talked about them here) can be really fast too.

Some new decisions by Italian Tribunals, (Trib. Roma ord. 18/04/2018; Trib. Roma ord. 19/02/2018; Trib. Roma sent. 18/09/2017; Trib. Roma sent. 6/04/2017; Trib. Roma sent. 22/03/2017)  say that You can directly applying by the Italian Court, instead of passing through the Consulate.

The processing time will be really really fast (some months). And You can avoid to pass through Consulate, wasting time, money.
You will only need to sign a Power of Attorney, and just wait.

Our qualified Lawyers can provide You all the Assistance you need in front of Italian Court.


Do You Think to be eligible for Italian Citizenship Application?  or through a judicial 1948 case?  or through naturalization by way of marriage or residency?

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