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What are main characteristics of Investor Visa Usa?

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What differences between the Investor Visa For Italy?

Introduction to the Investor Visa Usa E-2 Interview.

Today we want to share a great interview we had with our U.S. partners, Bolour/Carl Immigration Group from Los Angeles. 

Bolour / Carl Immigration Group is a full service immigration law firm. 


They have been representing immigrants, nonimmigrants, families, businesses, employees, and the like, from around the globe for over 25 years. 

With over 25 years of experience exclusively in the field of Immigration Law, they have garnered the knowledge to handle the most complex cases and adequately represent a wide range of clientele.

We want to share some Frequently Asked Questions about the Investor Visa Usa E2 they kindly shared. 

A particular thanks to Alex Carl, Attorney specialized on Investor Visa Usa E2, and Ally Bolour, as founding partner.

The Investor Visa Usa E-2 : F.A.Q. and Key points.

E-2 Visa is a visa designed for investors from certain countries, also well known as Investor Visa USA E2.

Yes, Italy is a treaty country with the U.S. and therefore Italians qualify to apply for an E-2 visa.

Any business that is legally operating or plans to operate within the U.S. qualifies.  In general, a foreign national has to have a controlling interest in the business – meaning at least 51% if there are two investors.

No – so long as the investor with the controlling interest is from a treaty country.

No.  However, the investment must be substantial and not marginal.  Depending on the industry, the investment level varies.

Depends on the work load of the US entity processing the petition. If a U.S. consulate- typically 2-3 months.  If USCIS, typically longer.

Yes, your spouse and all children under 21 years of age also qualify for the visa.  Your spouse may also be eligible to get a work authorization document.

No.  An E-2 visa is a non immigrant visa.  However, a separate petition under a different category may be possible in order to get a green card.  This would depend on the success of your E-2 entity.
No.  You may live in the US under an E-2 visa so long as you keep renewing it.

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What are the main differences with the Investor Visa For Italy?

A Quick Introduction to Investor Visa For Italy.

Since March 2017, the Italian government has launched 3 new investment immigration programs:

This is a residency by investment Programs not dissimilar to those of Portugal, Spain and Malta.

But way more better, we can say.

The key difference is that the is related to investment into a startup, company, or government bonds.

Or, You can also choose for a philanthropic donation.

So, Rather than an investment in Italian real estate, Investor Visa Italy has different destinations.

So it’s also pretty different from Investor Visa Usa E-2, as the Investor Visa For Italy does not allow investment in a business (except for stocks).

And, Italy Investor Visa Requirements are a little different.

2) The second program is  Italian Flat Tax / Substitute Tax Regime for Huge Tax Benefits.

We spoke about this in a separate Article

For individuals, a deduction from income tax (personal income tax) equal to 30 percent of the amount invested, for a maximum contribution of €1 million.

Currently, based on the Relaunch decree, the percentage rises to 50 percent for investments up to €100,000.

For limited liability companies, a deduction from the taxable amount for IRES (corporate income tax) purposes equal to 30 percent of the investment.

You can be also interested on: Italian Flax Tax Regime for New residents


3) A third residency programme, namely a Pensioner Visa for international retirees.

While these programs are still relatively unknown, we are registering HUGE DEMANDS for this year.

So if you’re serious about getting your European Plan B in place, NOW is the time to apply for Investor Visa For Italy.

Let’s talk more deeper about Investor Visa For Italy and about Italy Investor Visa Requirements.


What are you waiting for?

Not everyone knows Italy has Investor Visa For Italy

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Investor Visa Italy Residency Program.

The Key Benefits of Investors Visa For Italy.

  • The ability to travel throughout the EU, visa-free

  • A fast, simple application process – residency can be granted in as little as 12 months.
  • Excellent quality of life, world class education personal safety as well as attractive healthcare benefits.
  • An attractive taxation structure for Non Habitual Residents
  • Investment from as little as € 250,000 to obtain Italian residency.


Why Do I Have to Choose Investor Visa Italy Residency Program?

Investor Visa For Italy is a 2-year visa for non-EU citizens who choose to invest in strategic assets for Italy’s economy and society.

The Investor Visa For Italy Program has been introduced by the Italian government with the financial law back in 2017 and represents a step forward in promoting investment in Italy, as well as an important new entry within the Italian Visa System.

The Investor Visa Italy Residency Program is today considered the Best Worldwide Investment Visa option, also for optional Tax benefits.


Which Benefits will I Have from Investor Visa Italy Residency Program?

  • Education: free public education is available to children who reside in Italy (charges may be applied for school meals where applicable).
  • Registration with National Health Service: holders of an Investor Visa For Italy Permit can register voluntary with Italian National Health service by paying a registration annual fee. 

Registration entitles to have a family doctor, access to all specialist tests and visits, be admitted to hospital, etc.

  • Permanent residency: holders of an Investor Visa For Italy permit can apply for the EC residence permit for long-term residents after 5 years of legal stay in Italy. 

This is also the same regulation for other trending Residency Programs, such as the Elective Residence Visa.

For More Informations,  see also the Elective Residence program.

  • Italian Citizenship: after 10 years of legal residency in Italy an individual should be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship. 

In order to be eligible one must have registered as resident and filed tax returns at least 3 years before filing and show a taxable income of not less than € 6,000 (adjustedevery year). You can read more about here.

  • Tax Benefits: for Applicants with high worldwide incomes or high family reddit for any reason, it’s possible to benefit to the Flax Tax Lump Sum Regime, which allow to pay only a fixed amount of taxes. 

Regardless of how much income or resources you have. Read about this Tax Application.

  • No quota limits: differently as for other types of visa (i.e. work visa), there is no annual quota limits for applying and relocating to Italy.

Italy Investor Visa Requirements


Your Investor Visa For Italy options.

Let's discuss together.

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Investor Visa Italy Residency Program: What Happened recently?

Is the Investor Visa Italy Residency Program changed?

Thanks to Covid19 pandemic, Italian Government decided – with “Rilancio Decree” – to decrease minimum investment amount.

This in order to attract more and more Investors. 

Previously, Investor Visa Italy Residency Program was really really appealing…

But now we can certainly say Investor Visa For Italy it’s the Worldwide Most Profitable Golden Visa Program!

Indeed, Government reduces 50% all amounts (expect for investment in Bonds and donations).

  • Investing €500,000 into an innovative start-up enterprise (NOW only 250,000€)

  • Investing €1 million in an Italian Limited Liability Company (LLC) (NOW only 500,000€)

What are you waiting for?

Not everyone knows Italy has Investor Visa Italy Residency Program.

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Investor Visa Italy Residency Program & key points


As of January 2019, applicants have the following investment pathways available:

Investor Visa For Italy Residency Program:

While the Investor Visa For Italy is relatively new avenue, it is already garnering a lot of attention.

The investment visa is valid for two years, with a 3 year renewal option, and becomes permanent after 5 years.

The visa investment options include:

  • Investing €1 million in an Italian Limited Liability Company (LLC) (NOW only 500,000€)
  • Investing €1 million in an Italian philanthropic project or initiative
  • Investing €2 million in Italian Government Bonds
  • Investing €500,000  in an Italian StartUp (NOW only 250,000€)

The processing time associated with getting the investment visa approved can be as little as 30-40 days.

A declaration of commitment upon application is generally sufficient.

No investment is required prior to receiving approval on your application, making this a fast, simple and low-risk option. 

Investor Visa Italy Residency Programy is generally associated by our Clients to Italian Flat Tax Program:

For High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) paying €100,000 or more in taxes/year, the Italian flat-fee taxation structure could be highly compelling.

By moving your tax residency to Italy, you’ll be able to pay an annual substitute tax of €100,000 flat, regardless of your total income earned outside of Italy.

Your family members can be included under this ta residency programme for an additional €25,000 per person.

Any income earned within Italy is progressively taxed in accordance with Italian law, of course.

But ALL FOREIGN INCOMES will be under the 100,000€ Fixed Tax.

The Italian Flat Tax Residency Programme is open to all nationalities for a period of 15 years.

The government also accepts applications from Italian nationals returning to Italy after maintaining fiscal residency in another country for a decade or more.

This Flat tax for New Residents also includes payment of taxes on real estate, gifts, financial assets outside of Italy.

As well as bank accounts and any capital gains tax on shareholdings realised after the fifth year.


So, just to be clear we have:

Government Bonds

€ 2,000,000

issued by the Italian Republic Treasury Bonds, Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds, Long-term Treasury Bonds, Long-Term Treasury Bonds index-linked to European inflation and BTP Italy

Instruments representing capital in companies

€ 1,000,000 € 500,000

incorporated and operating in Italy:
Stakes or shares in limited companies, incorporated and resident in Italy pursuant to article 73 of the TUIR, approved by Italian Presidential Decree no. 917 of 22 December 1986 and subsequent amendments.

Instruments representing capital of innovative startups

€ 500,000 € 250,000

Stakes or shares in innovative startups.
The official list of innovative startups, which is updated every week and accessible free of charge, is available on the dedicated website of the Italian Chambers of Commerce system

Philanthropic donation

€ 1,000,000


Investor Visa Italy Residency Program

Italy Investor Visa Requirements

What is the Investor Visa Italy Residency Program procedure?

The Investor Visa Italy Residency ProgramProcedure can be split in 2 main phases.

Technically, there is no “phases”, but it’s just to better explain the procedure.

Phase 1: Investor Visa Committee – Comitato Investor Visa.

The first phase is related to the Investor Visa for Italy Committee (aka Comitato Investor Visa For Italy) that will evaluate Your investment plan.

This is the most difficult part of the entire procedure, so that’s why it’s highly recommended to hire an Investor Visa For Italy Lawyer.

Or, You risk to apply a lot of times without success. Italy Investor Visa Requirements are really really strict.

They will evaluate, mainly, the sources of amounts You want to invest, destinations, instruments, etc.

The decisional process takes around 30 days.

If You will be successful, You will begin the Phase 2.

Phase 2: Investor Visa Italy Residency Program Application through the Consulate.

As you will receive Your approval from the Comitato Investor Visa For Italy, then You can apply for the VISA Itself.

Your Investor Visa for Italy will be a High-Priority VISA: it means that Your VISA will be processed before any other.

In this way, You’ll be able to relocate to Italy as soon as possible.

Investor Visa Italy Residency Program


Most Common Questions about Investor Visa For Italy & a simple list of FAQ Investor Visa For Italy we prepared for Clients.

As reported by Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance, You can invest in every Company on the regulated stock market.   So it can be a S.pA. ,mainly. The Company, obliviously, must be legally resident in Italy. 

As reported by Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance, he Company must be legally resident in Italy. 
So pay attention on this requirement, specially with Holding Groups.

As reported by Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance concerning limited companies, both capital increases and the purchase of shares already issued are considered as qualifying investments. 

Also philanthropic donations or Government Bonds or investments in an Innovative Italian StartUp can be accepted.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: a Lawyer will be highly recommended for Your Investor Visa for Italy application.

Why this? In order to correctly apply for Investor Visa for Italy, each documents must be in line with EU and International Law and Regualtions, such as as FAFT, GAFI. 

Only a qualified Lawyer, like Us, can be assist You in the most complete and qualified way.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance:  concerning limited companies, No, the investment must be directed to only 1 company per application.

By extension, it is also not allowed to combine different types of investment (e.g. direct part of the amount to a donation and part to an investment in shares).

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: Family reunification is allowed and regulated by the general laws on the subject, in particular by art. 29 of Legislative Decree no. 286 of 25 July 1998 (Consolidated Act on Immigration – TUI).

The categories of family members for whom reunification is allowed are listed in art. 29 of the TUI:

a. spouses not legally separated and aged over 18;

b. minor children – including those of the spouse, or those born out of wedlock – who are unmarried, provided that the other parent has given his or her consent;

c. dependent children aged over 18, if for objective reasons they are unable to provide for their essential needs due to health conditions implying total disability;

d. dependent parents, if they do not have any other children in the country of origin, or parents over 65 years of age, if the other children are unable to support them due to serious and duly documented health conditions.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: Yes, Investor Visa For Italy do not provide for any legal restrictions concerning employment status.

This is valid also for Family members, as they join all Investor Visa For Italy Benefits.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: No, the investment portfolio must not be changed during the 2-year validity period of the residence permit.

The investor must maintain the original investment for the entire duration of the permit, otherwise it will be revoked.

This is not specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: The Investor Visa For Italy processing time depends on different factors.

The Investor Visa Commitee will evaluate Your investment plan in 30 days. 

Also for the Consular phase, this is really fast, as the Investor Visa For Italy is a high-priority Visa. Timing depends on Consulate.

This is specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: The Investor Visa for Italy is split in two different phases. 

The 1st one, where you will prepare Your investment plan and You will collect all investment documentations.

The second part, regarding the application at the Italian Consulate, after the Investor Visa Commitee approved Your Investor Visa For Italy documents.

This is specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: the investment will be done in 3 months after the Investor Visa For Italy approval.

This is specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: No, the investment must be carried on by a single physical person directly.

This is specified on the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance: the Electronic Signature is a special signature that You must obtain in Italy, release by certified Companies allowed by the Government.


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Italy Investor Visa Requirements

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