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Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia:#1 AMAZING GUIDE 4 YOU!



We receive a lot of inquiries from Australia about how to apply for Italian Citizenship and How to get Italian Citizenship by Descent from Australia – Now we will explain everything about Dual Citizenship in Italy.

Discover all details about Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia


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Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia: Introduction.

Today we want to talk about a really trending argument in 2020, and we predict it will be more trending in 2021: the Dual Citizenship in Italy, and in particular on How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy from Australia.

Why getting Dual Citizenship – and in particular the Italian Dual Citizenship – is so requested?

The world is changing and so many people are looking for certain opportunities with an “escape plan”, for themself and their family members.

And Italy is a very excellent destination if you think that the Italian Passport is now ranked as one the most powerful Passports, with more than 188 Visa-Free Countries access, according to the 2021 Henley Passport Index. 


And if you read online about the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program, there are several ways to obtain an Italian Passport through Ancestry [we refer to this right now, as it’s the most common option for Australia Citizens]: 


 Australia is really an active Country when it comes to getting Italian Citizenship in Australia. And in particular, we saw a huge increase in demand for the Italian Citizenship by Descent Australia program.  That’s why we want to talk a little about the most requested options for Australian Citizens for getting Italian Citizenship in Australia, and why you need qualified Italian Citizenship Lawyers for joining the “Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia” program.

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How to Apply for Italian Citizenship Australia?

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Before talking about the different options to apply for Dual Citizenship in Italy, you have to have clear in mind how to apply for  Italian Citizenship in Australia, as this is the most important step for all Australian Citizens who are interested in getting Italian Citizenship and Italian Citizenship by Descent.

You can apply with all the right documents, but if You don’t know How and Where to apply for your Italian Dual Citizenship, you’ll never obtain it. 


There are different options when you have to choose where to apply for Italian Citizenship in Australia.

How to Get Italian Australia Citizenship through the Italian Consulate.

This is historically the most common way to apply for Italian Citizenship in Australia on theItalian Citizenship Assistance AustraliaProgram. 

Indeed, people looking for How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy are generally foreign residents, who aim to obtain Italian Citizenship while living in Australia, so without moving to Italy for submitting their Italian Citizenship application.

As you are living in Australia, and you cannot come to Italy for a long-term period and become an Italian resident, You can apply through the Office that represents the Italian Government abroad: The Italian Consulate. 

Of course, not all Italian Consulates are the same. 

You may apply after looking at the place where You are formally resident: then, You can apply at the Italian Consulate of Melbourne, in Sidney, Perth, Adelaide, or Brisbane.  It depends where you live.


When it comes to the Italian Consulates, these are the most common option to apply if you looking online and search for information on the “Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia” program

This is in particular valid for those who want to apply for the “Italian Citizenship by Descent Australiaprogram, under the Jure Sanguinis rule.

And it’s also common to think the Italian Consulates are the only way to apply for an Italian Passport – a big misunderstanding which may create huge issues. 

Do You have to apply only at the Italian Consulate for joining the “Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia” Program?

This is not so true – we will explain to You why right now.

A little preview of what You will find below in the Article:

How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy through the Italian Municipality (Comune).

This is another way to join the Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia program, but not so common for Australian citizens. 

Why is it not so common?

When it comes to requesting the Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia, most Australian Citizens request to apply in their home country

And this is not possible with this path, as applying at the Italian Comune means to move to Italy and become Italian residents.

But the Italian Municipality option may be pursued also by foreign people who relocate to Italy just for this purpose, in the case of the Italian Citizenship by Descent Australia program.

So no-Italian people who choose to travel to Italy set their residency in Italy, and then submit the Italian Citizenship by Descent application at the Comune.

This may be a good option if you are looking for a faster way to get Italian Citizenship for Australian Citizens, as the wait times for the Italian Citizenship Application may be less than 6-8 months [that is generally way less than the Italian Consulate wait time].

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How getting Italian Citizenship in Australia through the Italian Court.

This is a way to apply for the Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia program that is becoming really really trending, especially for those interested in applying for the Italian Citizenship by Descent Australia program, under the Jure Sanguinis rule. 

When Can I Get Dual Citizenship in Italy through the Court? 

There are several cases in which Australian Citizens will be entitled to obtain Italian Citizenship by Descent through the Italian Court.


#1. An appeal against the rejection of the Italian Citizenship application.


This is valid both for Italian Citizenship by Descent and all Italian Citizenship applications.

If you applied for Italian Citizenship (Jure Sanguinis or not), and You received a rejection from the Italian Consulate, You are entitled to appeal the wrong decision at the Italian Court.


#2. When it’s impossible to book appointments at the Italian Consulate in Australia OR You have more than 2 years wait time for applying at the Italian Consulate.


In this case, you are entitled to submit your Italian Citizenship by Descent Australia application at the Italian Court.

You don’t need to come to Italy: just release a Power of Attorney to Your Italian Citizenship Lawyer

Let’s think at the typical case: an Australian Citizen wants to apply for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis

He already has all documents for applying for his/her Italian Citizenship by Descent.

He/she goes on the Consular website, and he/she discovers it’s impossible to book appointments. 

You can understand, this is a violation of the right to claim Italian Citizenship right and to obtain an Italian Passport thanks to the right of blood (Jure Sanguinis).

Let’s make some examples: at this moment, at the time we’re writing this article, the Italian Consulate in Melbourne is closed and/or suspended all appointments. 

It means there is no way to apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent if you are a resident under the jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate in Melbourne.

That’s why Your Need to join the Italian Citizenship Australia Assistance Program option, and you can fill your application through the Italian Court.


#3. When You have a 1948 Italian Citizenship Case.


In this case, you HAVE to apply at the Italian Court as it’s the only way for getting Italian Citizenship in Australia, and so if You want to obtain Your Italian Citizenship by Descent Australia.

But What does it mean? Let’s see below.



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What is a 1948 Italian Citizenship Case?


This is a particular situation that affects only Italian Citizenship by Descent Australia cases.

So if you are an Italian Citizenship by Descent applicant from Australia, this may be your case, so pay attention.

It all starts when you’re starting filling up Your family tree, starting from Your Italian ancestors (grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on) to You.

If during your researches, in order to discover your italian ancestors, you find a woman in the blood line, you should first check if your female ascendant gave birth to her child before or after 1948.

  • If your female ancestor gave birth during or after 1948 – Italian women were able to pass down Italian citizenship on January 1st, 1948, so there is NOT a 1948 Italian Citizenship Case.

Why 1948s?  Why this year is so important?

In 1948, on January 1st, the Italian Constitution was proclaimed.
The Italian Constitution, for the first time, declared the equality of women and men.
This also meant that women were able to pass the Italian Citizenship rights to their children.

Indeed, before 1948, women were not legally considered like men: so women didn’t have the right to pass Italian Citizenship by blood.

How Can I Apply for a so-called “1948 Case” of Italian Citizenship?


As said above, these types of situations are qualified as “Special Cases” so they need to be filled up through the Italian Court.

So how is the procedure for 1948 Italian Citizenship cases?

First, of all, the applicant must start to collect all information about all ancestors, starting from the Italian ones (grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on).

Then we will be able to determine your eligibility under the 1948 Italian Citizenship rule and start preparing all documents in the right way (legalizations, translations, etc.).

Then we will be able to apply to the Italian Court.

So there won’t’ be an application through the Italian Consulate, but an appeal to the Italian Court directly. 

As you can understand, this process is very advantageous for 2 main reasons:

  • We will submit the Italian Citizenship application for You. You have not to come to Italy during the entire process.
  • There is no Italian Consulate involved, as these cases are not recognized by the Consulates. So you’ll avoid all common issues related to the Italian Consulates like huge wait times. 
  • The entire wait time may generally be lower than the Consulate wait time. 
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Apply with Us for Your 1948 Italian Citizenship Case

What consequences if I apply for 1948 Italian Citizenship Case?

The 1948 Italian Citizenship path does not necessarily mean that the process will be longer or more difficult.

Instead, it can be shorter than the Italian Consulate path, and generally, it is.

This can be actually a big advantage, to be honest: In fact, hundreds of Italian Dual Citizenship 1948 Rule have been positively judged since 2009, and the average wait time is pretty faster (1 year) than the Consulate application time (2-3 years).

These types of cases are now Case Law – Which means the previous judicial judgments have strong legal authority.

We processed and still process many applications under the 1948 Italian Citizenship Rule, successfully.

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Discover Why our Italian Citizenship by Descent Assistance is different and all Our tailored solutions to avoid these common Italian Consulate issues.

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What is the step-by-step procedure for a 1948 Italian Citizenship Case?


Let’s see a step-by-step process on how it works through the 1948 Italian Citizenship Application.

STEP 1: Procurement of the supporting vital record documents
It will be necessary to retrieve all the records of birth, marriage, and death records (when applicable) of each person in your Italian bloodline.

STEP 2: Legalize all the documents retrieved

Every non-Italian document will need to bear an Apostille, which is a special authentication seal enabling a document to be used in Italy.

In Countries not part of The Hague Convention, the procedure is possible through the Legalization.

STEP 3: Certify all of the translations

Translations for documents that are not in the Italian language will need to be certified before they can be used for your 1948 Italian Citizenship application.

STEP 4: Give Power of Attorney to Us –  to represent you at the Court.

As we explained above, when it comes to 1948 Italian Citizenship you will definitely need to hire an Italian Citizenship Lawyer with relevant experience. And not every Italian attorney will have the necessary expertise or the experience to assist you in this process.

STEP 5: Sign a P.O.A. for your Italian Citizenship Lawyer

The Power of Attorney (PoA) will allow Law Firm Bersani in Italy to represent you in court for your 1948 Italian citizenship petition.

STEP 6: Send all the documents and original POAs to Law Firm Bersani

All vital record documents to support your case, as well as each necessary POA must be sent to your attorney.

*Originals of all documents mentioned are necessary – photocopies are not useable.


STEP 7: We prepare Your Application. 

With all the documents, We will run through all the details of your case and prepare the actual petition to be filed in court.

STEP 8: Iscrizione a Ruolo and Hearing.

The first hearing serves just to preliminary evaluate the case.

At this time, the judge assesses the main focal points of the case and asks if any clarifications are necessary. 

STEP 9: The Decision.

The final judgment is generally issued within 2-3 months from the (final) hearing.

STEP 10: Registering Yourself as an Italian Citizen 

Once your citizenship is recognized with a court order, all the vital records will need to be registered in the Italian Municipality where your ancestor was born.

 The actual court order is the document that will entitle you to have your records registered in Italy. And for other post-Court steps, like AIRE registration and others.

So: How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy, but not through the Italian Consulate?

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In conclusion and for being more clear: applying through the administrative path (the Italian Consulate, if you reside abroad)  is the rule and there is no short ways or other different ways.

But In exceptional circumstances (so out of cases listed by the Italian Citizenship Legislation), you can avoid applying for Italian Citizenship by Descent through the Italian Consulate.

These exceptional circumstances are:

  • Italian Consulate has more than 2 year wait time for getting an appointment; OR
  • Italian Consulate is not able to let You book an appointment; OR
  • You have a 1948 Italian Citizenship case when You have a female in your Italian bloodline who had a child born before 1948s.

If You fall under one of these circumstances, You can hire an Italian Citizenship Lawyers like Us, and fill Your application through the Italian Court.

The Importance of hiring an Italian Citizenship Lawyer


As said, for the new Italian Citizenship by Descent and the 1948 Italian Citizenship Cases, You need qualified Italian Citizenship Assistance by Italian Citizenship Lawyers.
Like Us.

An Italian Citizenship Lawyer will be certainly the most prepared professional with the highest skills.

Here are 4 main reasons:

  • Professional service providers know how to best position you for success
  • Due to their in-depth knowledge of the system, they know exactly what to do at each stage
  • Experience has given them an edge when it comes to compiling the necessary documents)
  • If there is any issues and/or You need to appeal against Consulate, we can do it.

So there is no difference on which path You will take: a professional will be always to Your advantage.

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« What is the best way to apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent ? »

Discover Why our Italian Citizenship by Descent Assistance is different and Our tailored solutions to avoid infinite wait time by the Consulate.

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Frequently asked questions on How to get Italian Dual Citizenship in Italy.

There are several ways for getting Italian Citizenship in Australia. 

Expect for the ordinary cases, which have to be processed under the Italian Consulate in Australia, more and more cases are now being processed in Italy through the Italian Court. 

These are frequent cases like the 1948 Italian Citizenship Cases and when you’re unable to submit Your Italian Citizenship Application at the Court.

There are several way on how to get Dual Citizenship in Italy

The most common ways are Italian Citizenship by Descent, which comprehends all Jus Sanguinis Italy Cases and 1948 Italian Citizenship cases.

If you don’t have Italian ancestors, but you are married with an Italian spouse (or a spouse who can claim Italian Citizenship by descent) you can then apply for Italian Citizenship by Marriage.

The Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia Program refers to all different options You have to apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent. It specially refers to the new Italian citizenship assistance services we offer in order to let You avoid all common issues during the Italian Passport applications.

The Italian Citizenship Assistance Australia Program can be applied to Italian Citizenship by Descent, Italian Citizenship by Marriage and all Citizenship programs offered by Italian Government.

It’s particularly common on the Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis cases, as these cases are expecting more issues related to the Italian Consulates inefficiency.

No, if you’re expecting one of these issues: 

  • It’s impossible to book appointments at the Italian Consulate; 
  • Consulate gave you more than 2 years wait time;

No, the good news is that you have NOT to come in Italy- You have just to sign a Power of Attorney to Us, and we will handle everything for Your. 

Yes, all family members that are directly descents of the italian ancestors can apply in the same petition.

The 1948 Italian Citizenship Case can be described in this way: If your Italian ancestral line includes a woman, and she had a child before 1948, You have a 1948 case.

You are entitled to apply under 1948 Italian Citizenship  Rule as you have an Italian female ancestor that gave birth to a child before 1948s.

Read More about Italian Citizenship 1948 Case

There is no technically requirements – You are eligible for Italian citizenship 1948 Case if your have a female ancestor in Your line, and she gave birth to her child before 1948.

No, the process will be conducted by Us exclusively, thanks to Power of Attorney you will sign.

We will represent You in the Court application.

You can apply only through the Italian Court, with a Power of Attorney granted to Us. 

We will represent You in Your application, providing You a complete assistance on Italian Citizenship.

What Are Your Waiting For?

Submit Us Your Case.

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