Italian Citizenship Assistance UK: 3 Best Unique Ways For You!

The #1 Guide for UK Citizens after Brexit.

Italian Dual Citizenship UK: How to Get Italian Passport?

Italian Passport UK Citizens: Pay Attention to New Rules.

Italian Passport UK: Let's have a quick Background on rules.

As we have already talked in another Article, there’s some bad news today for UK Citizens living in Italy.
And hoping to soon apply for Italian citizenship through residency after being in the country for four years.
And we know how important is for UK Citizens to maintain their EU Rights, as we talked in this article.

While many people may have thought the terms for Italian citizenship applications based on residency would remain the same after Brexit day,

at least during the transition period, British Embassy officials have confirmed that this is not the case.

British Embassy officials told:

“Brits living in Italy that they’ve been a resident for four years or more – by January 31st 2020 – they will not be eligible”.

Instead, they may now have to wait ten years under Italy’s third-country national rules.


So, What options do UK Citizens have on Italian Citizenship?

Italy has different Italian Citizenship programs, so there are different ways to Get Italian Passport for UK Citizens.

We want, today, talking about most requested Italian Citizenship Assistance UK, related to get Italian Passport for UK

Italian Citizenship Assistance UK: Let's Discover all Paths.

# 1. Italian Citizenship by Marriage UK.

Italian citizenship through marriage or civil union to an Italian citizen is regulated by Articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Law n. 91 of 1992 on Italian Citizenship.

The non-Italian Spouse married to an Italian citizen can apply for Italian citizenship by marriage after 2 years from the marriage/civil union, if residing in Italy.

This term is reduced by half if the couple has children under the age of 18, or when children are legally adopted by the couple.

Foreigners that reside outside Italy are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship by marriage 3 years after the date of marriage/civil union to an Italian Citizen.

The term is reduced by half if the couple has children under the age of 18 or when children are legally adopted by the couple.


Are Civil Unions considered for Italian Citizenship by Marriage UK ?

Same-sex civil unions are recognized in Italy from 2016.

All same-sex marriages celebrated abroad are recognized in Italy as Civil Unions.

Same-sex couples are provided with most of the protections that are provided to married couples.

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Italian Citizenship by Marriage UK Processing Time.

One if the most common questions we receive is how long does it take to get a citizenship by Marriage?

Based on Law Degree Oct. 4, 2018 n. 113, the Ministry of Interior Office has 48 months to process applications for citizenship.

(Originally, this was 730 days).

Italian Citizenship by Descents UK  applications have a two-year timeframe, but may be processed quicker.

What’s the difference in processing times for these applications?

Consulates handle the citizenship applications

However, they work as an intermediary between applicants and Ministry of Interior Office for marriage/civil union applications at the start.

During the remaining part of the process, the Office of Ministry in Rome handles everything else.

Should the four-year limit come and go, the Ministry of Interior office must give their answer to the applicant.

The applicant can submit a formal letter of notice (Diffida) to demand an immediate answer.

These letters often pick up the pace in which applications are reviewed, as the Ministry does not want to participate in lawsuits.

A “Diffida” usually sent by an attorney on behalf of an applicant, but the applicant can send it.

Be aware that an attorney-drafted Diffida does more than an applicant-sent one.

If your application is nearing or has passed the law-allowed deadline, reach out to us for legal help.

That’s why is so important – and almost mandatory – to request Italian Citizenship Assistance UK


#2. Italian Citizenship Assistance UK for Dual Citizenship

Relocate for Italian Citizenship UK by Naturalization

Italian Dual Citizenship UK can be obtained also through naturalization.

This means that You will have to relocate in Italy, set your residence, and then – after 10 years, applying for Italian Passport UK.

Now, because of Brexit, you will have to wait 10 years for applying for Italian Citizenship UK.

This solution is preferable for Uk Citizens that will be not eligible for Italian Citizenship by Marriage UK path or Italian Citizenship by Descent UK path.

And it’s mandatory to request Italian Citizenship Assistance UK

Wanna be an Italian Citizen?

Have a check to other ways to relocate to Italy like Elective Residence, Investor Visa or any other listed here,

in order to apply for Italian Citizenship by residency.

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#3. Italian Citizenship Assistance UK Jure Sanguinis.

Get Italian Passport UK with Italian Citizenship by Descent

This is one the 2020 Most Requested Italian Citizenship Assistance UK

In 2018, Italian government approved a decree that increased Italian Citizenship Processing time for obtaining the Italian citizenship from 2 to 4 years.

This regulation allows the Ministry of the Interior and to the Consulates to extend the processing time of Italy citizenship applications from 2 to 4 years.

Iit limits the application of the 4-years deadline to Italy Citizenship by Residence processes and by marriage processes.

Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis was not touched, and remain 2 years waiting.


if You have to wait several months (or years in some case) for just the Consulate Appointment,

after the application you can have to wait up to 2 Years (730days) for the final decision on your Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Application.

As You can understand, Boost Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis became a maximum priority.


What does that mean for your Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Application?


This means that if You have to wait like 3-4 years

(in some cases more like in South America) for just an appointment ,

after it you can wait up to 2 years for the

Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis response.

You can wait, in the complex, like 4-5 years (or more)

for your Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Application decision.

Sounds crazy, you know?!

If you’ve done a bit of research on Italian Citizenship Assistance UK,

you’ve probably discovered that the process can get complicated.

Italian citizenship by Descent processing time varies depending

on a wide number of factors,

and no two applications are alike.

Because of that, timeframes can sometimes drag on.

You may have clicked this post wondering if there is

a uniform wait time for all applicants.

Unfortunately, due to the reasons stated above, there isn’t.

Italian Citizenship Processing time can range from 2 years

to as long as 8-10 years

(in some Consulates, around 6years for just an appointment).

Some common reasons for delays include but are not limited to:

  • How busy the Consulate or comune processing your application is
  • Missing information in your application
  • Hard-to-find genealogical information, delaying your determination of eligibility
  • Court orders or amendments that need to be made on your documents
  • Changing of Italian Citizenship Law and Requirements.

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How to Speed Up Italian Citizenship UK Jure Sanguinis Processing Time?

You can read many things on Google, but do not waist time

There is only 2 Ways that really Boost Italian Citizenship by Descent Processing Time.


#1 - Italian Citizenship Assistance on Jure Sanguinis Legal practice.

The 1st thing to check is if your Consulate has (or not) the right wait times, according by Italian Citizenship Laws.

In case(seems) they will respect the maximum legal wait time (2 years for the entire process – 240days for the decision), we can speed it up.

It’s mandatory to hire your Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Lawyers, like Us, and start to solicit the Consulate in order to end Your practice in short time.

It’s important to let Your Lawyer solicit and periodically check your practice at the Consulate.


Only in this way, the Consulate will not only end Your Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis in time

but sooner than other applicants!

#2 - Italian Citizenship by Descent through Italian Court. 

In case Consulate cannot guarantee a quick process, You have the right to Apply directly to the Court.

And this is actually the only and the best way to Boost Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis Processing Time.

One of the best ways to Speed Up your Italian Dual citizenship Application processing time is to hire an Italian Citizenship Lawyers like Us.

And apply directly through Italian Court. 

As we previously talked in this article, recent Judicial Court cases that allow a person to claim his/her Italian Citizenship directly at the Court.

What does it means? 

  1. Huge speeding up!
    As Italian Citizenship administrative process (at the Consulate) is really slow, through an Italian Court is really fast.
Applying at Consulate
3-5 Years Average Waiting
Applying via Italian Court
1 Years Average Waiting


2.  No risks of missing/wrong documentations.

Before starting the Court Process, we will deeply advise You on all documentation needed, and we review every single documents.


3. You have to do nothing.

Just send Us all documentations, sign the Power of Attorney and we will do everything for You.

In conclusion and for being more clear: applying through the Italian Consulate is the rule and there is no short ways or other different ways.
But In exceptional circumstances, you can skip the Italian Consulate application, so when some exceptional circumstances are met:

  • Italian Consulate has more than 2 year wait time for getting an appointment; OR
  • Italian Consulate is not able to let You book an appointment;

If You fall under this conditions (also only one), You can hire an Italian Citizenship Lawyer like Us, and fill Your application through the italian Court.

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Why Applying in Italy will be (in general) better?


– It is generally a more expedited process.

– You can eliminate the wait time for the initial appointment with the consulate. 

– Once you apply in Italy you are allowed to stay in Italy as long as your process takes without Schengen restrictions applying to you.

– You can immediately start your new life without having to wait for an answer from the consulate.

You skip the wait for your initial appointment getting you even closer to be able to begin enjoying the same benefits as any other Italian.

– It is possible to be in Italy right away and experience the land of your ancestors.

General Advises before applying for Italian Citizenship UK

Valid of all Italian Passport UK Application paths

1. Italian Citizenship Assistance UK

by Italian Dual Citizenship Lawyers & Attorneys.


One of the best ways to Boost and Get Italian Citizenship UK  is to ask Italian Citizenship Assistance UK from Italian Dual Citizenship UK Experts, like us.

 Professional Assistance will be always in your advantage.

Choose well your expert: an Italian Citizenship Assistance UK Lawyer will be certainly the most prepared professional with highest skills.

Here are 5 main reasons:

  • Professional service providers know how to best position you for success
  • Due to their in-depth knowledge of the system, they know exactly what to do at each stage
  • Experience has given them an edge when it comes to compiling the necessary documents
  • They can direct you to Consulates or Comune that are known for faster turnaround times 
  • If there are any issue and/or You need to appeal against Consulate, we can do it.

If your time is valuable to you, then getting help from professional service providers is the best route for you if you want to ensure your Italian Passport UK processing time is kept to a minimum.

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2. Organize Yourself.


One thing that can fortify Italian Citizenship Assistance UK and speed up processing time is to focus on organization.

No matter which route you pursue in applying for your Italian citizenship.

You will need to gather a lot of documentation to back up your claims and support your bid for Italian citizenship Assistance Uk.

This can be overwhelming in terms of the number of documents you need, but it can also be difficult due to the processes required to get them.

For example, certain states only allow the persons named on the birth certificate to get that record.

Getting it right the first try saves time.

You will also need to understand the unique requirements for each.

For example, some documents will have to be originals accompanied by an apostille, while for others such as naturalization records, certified copies will suffice.

Note, however, that if you are applying in Italy and not at a consulate, all non-Italian documents will require apostilles.

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Do You Think to be eligible for Italian Citizenship Application?  or through Italian Citizenship 1948 case?  or through naturalization by way of marriage or residency?

Contact Us! 

We assist EU and non EU citizens with immigration and visa matters, as well as  residence registrations.

We offer a comprehensive service tailored to the needs of each case. All cases listed here

Our services include advice on immigration law, cross-border implications related to Italian Dual Citizenship, Investor Golden Visa Italy,(See also here for Investor Golden Visa benefits)  preparation of visa, permit to stay and residence applications, tax aspects, avoidance of dual taxation, (more informations also here)

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