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Italian Citizenship Through Investment? 2 things to consider

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Italian Citizenship through investment is one of the most searched topics in 2022.

Are you wondering why?

Italy is one of the most commonly visited countries in the world.

This is due to its pleasant climate, delectable cuisine, and rich cultural heritage.
But did you know that Italy offers a 2-year investment visa for non-EU citizens who wish to invest in assets for Italy’s society and economy?

Not everybody knows about it.
That’s why we would like to give you some relevant and useful information on how Italy can give you access to the Schengen Zone, and give you the right of residency here by making an investment in an Italian Company, or by getting Government Bonds.


Depending on the industry you wish to invest in, you can get Italian citizenship by investment through the investment.
The program is called “Investor Visa for Italy” and starts with granting you a two years residency permit in Italy.
Here is what you should know about the so-called Investor Visa for Italy.

Investment Visa Option for Italy.

Italy has various options for migration.
One of which is the Italian investor visa program.
Though this program is ideal for investors, it involves a lengthy process and can be expensive.

However, the immigration laws in Italy allow one to pursue other opportunities.
Some of the options include a business visa and elective visa or retirement visa.
To be eligible for the retirement visa, you must show proof of a stable passive income of at least 30,000 euros a year.
The income can come from:

• Rental properties
• Royalties
• Dividends
• Financial income

Though obtaining this visa might be easier, you will not be able to work in Italy with it.
If you want to work and invest in Italy, your best bet is to apply for a business or investor visa.

Understanding the Difference between Business and Investor Visa in Italy

You have two options for working and investing in Italy.
A business visa or an investor visa (known as a Golden Visa).

If you have a business outside Italy, you can open another branch of your business in Italy.
The business visa will allow you to relocate and run your Italian office.

A business visa is easier to obtain (if you qualify) because the branches do not have to make a profit, and this also means fewer tax consequences.
You can get residency in only three to six months and receive a renewable residence permit.

Also, you can apply for permanent residency after five years and include your dependents after ten years.

Applying for a Work Visa is actually nearly impossible, as there are no Application Quotas opened by the Italian Government.

Italy’s Golden Visa Program

The Golden Visa program allows foreign citizens to get a permanent resident permit while also investing in Italy.

Also known as the Golden Visa in Italy, this is the ideal investor Visa for Italy.
We refer to the Italy Golden Visa’s definition as the same program as the Investor Visa.

The visa targets high-profile businesspeople or investors who can make a financial impact on the Italian community and economy.

This also meets that one has to meet certain requirements before applying for it.

Though you will have to pay more to apply for this visa, it may be best to work with an Italian immigration lawyer to learn more about the visa and the application process.

The Golden Italian investment visa will allow you to put your money into charitable organizations, creative startups, stocks, or bonds.
You should note that in order to retain or extend this visa, you are required to maintain your investment.

The Golden Visa scheme allows all worthy investors to gain the right to reside in the EU and also invest in real estate in Italy.
Beware: Real Estate is not – yet – an option for getting the Investor Visa for Italy.

Quick Facts.

The Investor Visa Italy allows you to invest in:

  • Innovative StartUp (€ 250,000)
  • Italian Company (€ 500,000)
  • Philanthropic donation (€ 1,000,000)
  • Government Bonds (€ 2,000,000)

It’s also a useful stepping stone to gaining Italian citizenship by investment.
Since an Italian passport is one of the most widely accepted passports in the world, if you can become an Italian citizen, you’ll have much easier access to the rest of the world too.

It will provide you with 90 days of visa-free travel to the United States each year.
According to article 24-bis of Italy’s Tax Code (TUIR), you can pay a lump sum amount of €100,000 once a year to replace regular taxes on the whole income earned outside of Italy.

Are you interested in applying?

Write us!

Get a tailored consultation on your case.
An attorney will evaluate the best application path for your Investor Visa for Italy.

Requirements for Applying for an Italian Visa by Investment

Some of the requirements you need to have before applying for the Italian Golden Visa include having:

• Shares of a limited company of at least 500,000 Euros
• Bond or similar of at least 2m Euros
• Innovative investment of at least 250,000 Euros
• Charitable organization donation of at least 1m Euros
• Be at least 18 years old
• A clean criminal record and be in a good state of health

Additionally, the investment you make will be held until you obtain permanent residency, which becomes available after five years.

Only after 10 years of legal residency with your Investor Visa for Italy, then you can claim Italian citizenship through investment.

How to Apply for a Golden Program Investor Visa for Italy

The procedure for getting a certificate of citizenship in Italy by investment can be quite long.
Especially if you don’t have the right documents or aren’t prepared as per the law.
If you are a non-EU citizen who wishes to invest in Italy, you have to apply for an investor visa.

To do this, you will need to get a Nulla Osta (certificate of no impediment), which you can get online from the Investor Visa for Italy Committee (IV4I).

If you have Italian descent or ancestry, the application process can be much quicker.
To apply for the Nulla Osta, you should:

• Complete the forms available at the Ministry of Economic Development website
• Scan and submit the required documents
• Download the Final Declaration and sign it electronically, then submit it

After this, the Investor Visa Committee Secretariat will check and verify your documents to confirm if they are in order.
If you miss any step or document, you will have to submit the documents again.

If your documents are in order, the Investor Visa Committee will assess your application and you will give feedback within 30 days.

Try to obtain this document at least six months before you plan your travel.
This is also the duration it takes to be issued an investor visa.
Apart from the Golden Visa program, you can also obtain Italian citizenship through investment through the Startup program.

This program is dived into the Italia Startup Hub and the Italia Startup Visa.
Get more information about investment visa programs from your immigration lawyer, especially a lawyer who specializes in processes for the golden visa for Italy.

Documents Needed to Apply for Citizenship through Investment.

If you want to obtain Italian citizenship, you will need to have several documents.
These documents include:

• A valid passport
• An applicant’s questionnaire
• Copy of resident permit
• Information about the money you intend to use for the investment
• Proof of the source of your funds
• A health certificate

• Proof of visa fee payment

The above documents must be provided in English or Italian. If they are in a different language, you must provide a certified translation.

How the Startup Hub and Startup Visa Scheme Works

This scheme mainly applies to non-EU citizens who have an Italian residence permit.
To be eligible for the Startup Hub program, you must have at least 50,000 euros to invest in Italy.
This scheme also allows you to complete the application process online.

You can complete your documents in English and get your Certificate of No Impediment in 30 days.
On the other hand, the Startup Visa Program offers one of the most innovative citizenship programs by investment.

The program is based on the Startup Act, which was effected in 2012.
The scheme allows all non-EU citizens to get a golden visa for Italy by setting up a company in this country.
To qualify for the program, your investment must meet several conditions such as:

• It must be a limited company that cannot be listed on the stock exchange
• The startup must be a newly incorporated company that is not older than five years
• The company must operate in a technological sector
• Have an annual turnover of the company is below 5 million euros
• Have its headquarters in Italy or any other EU/EEA country
• The company will distribute profits or had its profits distributed in the past
• The company cannot be the result of a takeover, merger, or acquisition

Additionally, the company’s main goal should be to develop, produce and market innovative services or products.
Your company should also have at least 15% of the annual costs or turnover and be dedicated to research and development (R&D) activities.

Also, at least 1/3 of your employees must be Ph.D. researchers or Ph.D. students and 2/3 of your employees have a Master’s degree.

Italian Citizenship Visa Exceptions

Though Citizenship in Italy is available to non-EU citizens who wish to live and invest in the country, there are some nationalities that are exempted from acquiring a visa to Italy.

According to the immigration legislation available in Italy, some of the nationalities that cannot obtain a Visa to Italy include:

• Vatican City 
• San Marino 
• Norway
• Monaco
• Iceland
• Switzerland
• Liechtenstein

However, these citizens of these countries can only enjoy this freedom for 90 days.

After that, they will have to apply for permanent residency in Italy.
Your immigration lawyer will advise you on the documents you should have when applying for permanent residency.

It is crucial to note that several people apply for various visa programs, especially since investors can apply for the Startup program if they wish to invest in Italy.

Therefore, if you want to apply for an investment visa, it may be best to start the application process as early as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Investor Visa Italy.

How much do you need to invest in Italy to get a residency?

You have four different options.
You can choose between four types of investments for qualifying for the Investor Visa:
1. € 250,000 in Italian StartUp;
2. € 500,000 in Italian Company;
3. 1,000,000 Philathrophic donation;
4. 2,000,000 in Government Bonds;

How can I get Italian citizenship through investment?

You can get Italian Citizenship by Investment after you spent 10 years as a legal resident in Italy.
So, as long as you got your Investor Visa in Italy, you have to wait 10 years.
Then, you can apply for Italian Dual Citizenship by naturalization.

Can you get Italian citizenship by buying a property?

For the moment, Italy has not a real estate investment program.
So, investments in Real Estate are not yet considered for getting an Investor Visa in Italy.

Can I get Italian citizenship if I buy property in Italy?

For the moment, Italy has not a real estate investment program.
So, investments in Real Estate are not yet considered for getting an Investor Visa in Italy.

How long does it take to have the Investor Visa for Italy?

It will take around 2-3 months to prepare all paperwork in the right way.
Then, as long as we will file the application, the Committee will take up to 30 days to process it.
After you have the Nulla Osta, the Italian Consulate will process your Visa in a few days*.

The entire process may take around 3 months, on average.

*The processing times vary between Italian Consulates, so we cannot give an exact estimation.
From our experience, it takes around business 4-5 days.

How much do you need to invest to get Italian citizenship?

As we said, the minimum you have to invest for having the Investor Visa for Italy (a necessary step for getting Italian Citizenship later) is equal to € 250,000.

Learn More about Italian Citizenship by Investment

Suppose you wish to expand your business or start a business in Italy.

In that case, you can apply for Italian citizenship by investment and also explore the amazing business opportunities it has to offer.

Are you seeking citizenship in Italy? 
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