What documents do I need for Dual Italian Citizenship? [2021 *UPDATED*]


What documents do I need for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent?

What documents are needed for Dual Italian Citizenship?

A FULL GUIDE and everything to know about Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent.

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What documents do I need for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent?

In several articles, we already talked about how to obtain Italian dual Citizenship and the different ways to obtain Italian Citizenship.

Now, we want to go a little deeper and analyze one of the most frequently asked questions about the application for Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent.

One of the most frequent questions we receive is: “What documents do I need for Dual Italian Citizenship?

Let’s find a final answer.

Photo of Venice, Italy - One of the most appealing destination for who's seeking Italian Dual Citizenship

What documents do I need for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent?

However, before we dig into the specific requirements for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent, it would be worth providing a brief overview of the eligibility requirements for Italian Citizenship by descent

We know the general rule: you can apply for Italian citizenship by descent if your Italian ancestor (grandfather/grandmother, great-grandparents, and so on) who was born in Italy, was never naturalized.

Or — in case he/she naturalized — it’s important (and mandatory) that he/she was naturalized after the birth of the next-in-line.

Of course, none of your ascendants in your direct bloodline have to have renounced their right to claim Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis

Please bear in mind some exceptional cases with some exceptional rules.

For example, the so-called 1948 Rule: if there is a woman in your Italian heritage, who gave birth to her child before January 1, 1948, you can only claim Your Italian Dual Citizenship by descent through the Italian Court as a typical “1948 Case of Italian Citizenship – and not through the Italian Consulate.

The so-called "1948 Case Italian citizenship" is a special (but common) case of Italian citizenship by Descent.

The same 1948 rule can be applicable if your male ancestor naturalized before the birth of his child, born before 1922. 

In this case, you may not be able to apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent through the Italian Consulate –  but you may be able to claim your Italian Dual citizenship by blood through the Italian Court because of the fact Italian women, who married Italian men, automatically became Italian Citizen.

And so, your starting ancestor can be that woman (your grandmother, great-grandmother, and so on).

If You’re asking yourself “What documents do I need for Dual Italian Citizenship?” regarding the 1948 Cases, there are no differences: the documents are the same. 

When I have a so-called "1948 Case of Italian Citizenship"?

You fall under the 1948 Rule (and so your case may be qualified as a "1948 case") when you find there's one (or more) female on the family line, and she had her kid before 1948s. 

Example: Your Italian Great-grandfather had your Grandmother in 1920. Your Grandmother had your Father in 1940.
You may be interested in reading our latest article about the 1948 cases

So let’s start with a basic principle:

The first requirement for Italian Citizenship by Descent is to obtain Certified True Copies of Your Family’s Vital Records. 

There is no difference if you are applying through the Italian Consulate or the Italian Court. 

You have to prove your Italian lineage, and that’s it. 

What are the Vital Records Certificates needed?

These include Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and Divorce certificates when applicable.


Birth Certificates: we will need all Birth Certificates, also (and especially) the ones from Italy. Not a problem for that, as it’s part of our Italian Citizenship Assistance services to obtain them.

You need to contact the local Vital Records office (called “ Stato Civile”) for obtaining the Birth Records of your Italian ancestors.

If you need to obtain Italian Birth Certificates of Your Italian ancestors, these are kept by the Stato Civile Office of the Italian Municipality.

That’s not so easy sometimes: they require you to give them exact information, or you will never find the Certificates.

That’s why it’s also important to request qualified assistance on Italian Citizenship by descent by professionals and  Attorneys specialized in Italian Citizenship.

Need assistance for Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent?

Get a Free Evaluation of Your case!


Marriage certificates: these certificates can generally be easily obtained from the county in which the marriage was celebrated.

Did you know the procedure for Italian citizenship by Marriage recently changed? Have a look if you're looking for Italian citizenship by Marriage.

The marriage Certificates are very important, and not just for proving that the married couple gave birth to the next-in-line.

The consular clerk or the judge (if you’re applying for Italian Citizenship through the Italian Court) may need to see the registrant’s parents’ names, to verify the applicant’s Italian lineage.

The same can be said for Death Certificates. 


Divorce decrees can be retrieved from the court in which the divorce was filed.

Please note that if you divorce you will also need a Certificate of No Appeal, for proving the Divorce was definitive and without appeals or open litigation. 

As requirement for Dual Italian citizenship by Descent, also Divorce Decree and Certificate of No Appeal are requested.

Sometimes, this phase may be a little challenging: a well-known example is for the State of NY.

They will release birth certificates for deceased individuals only based on a court order.

That’s not a problem as we have partnerships with American Lawyers able to proceed.

But, of course, you have to be prepared to have additional expenses, if you fall under these circumstances.

Why do I have to show I divorced? What relevance the divorce has?

It's important to show if you divorced and when (and also for all people on the line), because the divorce (and a 2nd marriage) may have an impact on the Italian bloodline. For example: the divorce with a 2nd marriage may be able to broke the Italian bloodline.

Great – I have all the documents required for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent. So Now?

Legalizing the documents for Your Dual Italian citizenship by Descent.

The certificates (All of them) that you need for applying for Italian Citizenship by Descent must be certified copies as they will need to be legalized with an apostille and translated into Italian

Let’s clarify a little more about these steps.


What documents do I need for Dual Italian Citizenship? [2021 *UPDATED*] 1

An apostille is a certificate issued by the Secretary of State, which is attached to the original document to verify that it is legitimate and authentic. 

This is a common template for the Apostille - It's a stamp (or an annexed paper) on your Dual Italian citizenship documents.

So, you understand that it’s mandatory to have each document with an Apostille – for being accepted by the Italian Authorities.

All documents must then translated into Italian.

Some Italian Consulates may also require the non-in-line family members’ vital records – it’s weird, we understand that. 

But if you’re applying through the Italian Consulate, it’s important to be aware of that before submitting your Italian Citizenship by Descent application.

What to do if my Country has not Apostille?

It may happens that a Country has not Apostille, because that Country is not part of The Hague Convention. In this case, the procedure is called "Legalization": you need to certify and notarized your documents, then bring everything at the local Italian Consulate which we will legalize the document for being formally acceptable by Italian authorities.

The proof of Naturalization (or non-Naturalization).

How to prove my Italian ancestors naturalized or never naturalized?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Having proof of the naturalization (or non-naturalization) of Your Italian grandfather or great-grandfather is mandatory.

And not just because it’s one of the most important requirements of the Italian Citizenship by Descent procedure, but also because it’s the game-changer in your application). 

Why may it be a game-changer?

This is an example of Certificate of Naturalization - Public photo on USCIS Website.

If your Italian ancestor naturalized before the birth of his child, the line is broken. That’s it. End game

So, you can understand why it’s so important. 

So, the most important document you need for getting your Italian Citizenship by descent is proof that your Italian grandparents, or great-grandparents, never renounced their Italian Citizenship by naturalizing as an American Citizen (or Citizen of another country). 

Before 1992, Italian Dual Citizenship didn’t exist, so if your ancestor naturalized it means he/she renounced Italian Citizenship. 

So let’s see a little more in detail.

What documents do you need for proving the Naturalization (or not) of Your Italian Ancestors?

You have to retrieve the naturalization records about the Italian ancestor (if he naturalized)  or proof that the ancestor never naturalized. 

But what documents do I need for proving that? We explain to you right now what You need and how to obtain all documents. 

There are 3 relevant documents:

Declaration of Intentions, Petition for Naturalization, and the Certificate of Naturalization.

Example of Declaration of Intentions - Photo courtesy of NARA Website
Example of Petition for Naturalization - Photo courtesy of NARA Website

Where can I obtain these documents? 

In the United States, they can be retrieved from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), or the county in which the naturalization took place. 

But if they never renounced their Italian Citizenship, how can I prove they never naturalized? 


If your Italian grandparents or great-grandparents never naturalized, you will need to prove it.

You can obtain, from the foreign authorities (like NARA and USCIS) the  Certificate of Non-Existence of Records that certifies that no naturalization record was found about your ancestor.

How to fix misspellings or discrepancies on the documents I obtained?

With regards to misspellings and discrepancies, it’s really important to have your Vital Records Certificates with correct information.

So, everything must match first names, last names, dates, etc.  


If You’re expecting issues on that, you can proceed in 2 ways: 

[The easiest one] Contact the amendment division of the office that issued the record. Sometimes this can be done administratively

In case of major discrepancies, you have only one secure solution: you need to request a  The same person” court order.

This is a judicial remedy for declaring that records about the same person despite the name differences.

Need assistance for Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent?

Get a Free Evaluation of Your case!

Can I choose if apply at the Italian Consulate or at the Italian Court?

You cannot choose - the "choice" of the path depends if you're case is a so-called "1948 Case" or when the Italian Consulate is not able to process Your case.

Read more on the ways to apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent:

How is the procedure for applying for Italian Dual Citizenship by Marriage? Take a look at the official page

F.A.Q. about Documents needed for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent

The most relevant documents You need for applying for Dual Italian Citizenship by Descent are: 

– Birth Certificates 

– Marriage Certificates 

– Death Certificates

– Divorce Decrees and Certificate of No Appeal

– Naturalization Records (including, when possible, Declaration of Intentions and Petition for Naturalization): Certificate of Naturalization 

– Letter of No Existence (if the Italian ancestors never naturalized). 

It’s important to show if you divorced and when (and also for all people on the line), because the divorce (and a 2nd marriage) may have an impact on the Italian bloodline. For example: the divorce with a 2nd marriage may be able to broke the Italian bloodline. 

Italian Dual Citizenship Cost for Jure Sanguinis applications is relevant – let be honest.

There are both costs in Your home country (like for Apostille documents, for requesting Vital Records certificates) and in Italy (like translations, Court fees, etc.).

That’s why we offer complete Service Packages: in our packages, we already comprehend all costs and all expenses from the Italian side (not from abroad, as it would be impossible to have a specific estimation). In this way, we try to give you affordable and complete assistance on Italian Dual Citizenship.

People need to receive a qualified Italian Citizenship Assistance as the procedures for getting an Italian Passport may be complicated.

And usually, an applicant expect some relevant issues when he/she is not able to apply because the Italian Consulate blocked all appointments, or because you have years and years to wait for an appointment. 

And the same is in case of Italian Citizenship by Marriage: the rules recently changed, and so it’s important to hire qualified Italian Citizenship lawyer, like us.

As we listed, we provide clear and transparent Service Packages for Your assistance on Italian Dual Citizenship.

These are fixed prices – so “no surprise” fees. You pay that amount, not more and not less. 

Our services start from € 5,000+taxes for standard assistance services.  

There are several ways to get dual citizenship in Italy: most common and most requested ways are Italian Citizenship by Descent, Italian Citizenship 1948 case and Italian Citizenship by Marriage.

If You do not qualify for these programs, do not worry: You may be entitled to get Dual Citizenship in Italy passing through the ordinary Italian Citizenship by Residency path. 

We will assist You on this, starting to get an Italian VISA (such as Golden Visa For Italy or Elective Residence Visa For Italy), and all steps beyond, 

Italian Citizenship by Descent is a program designed by Italian Government, in order to let You apply for Italian Citizenship if You have italian ancestors in your family heritage. 

Italian Citizenship by Descent is not granted to all: You have to have an italian ancestors and be eligible under certain conditions. We can evaluate together for a 1st free evaluation. Book a Consultancy or Contact Us!

Our Italian Dual Citizenship Program is  focused on assisting Clients (from beginning to end) in order to let them become Italian Citizens, solving all issues they can find in actual circumstances.

Yes. Our Italian Citizenship Assistance Program is  focused on solving these type of issues, and You can appeal the Court in some particular circumstances. 

The Italian Citizenship 1948 Case can be described in this way: If your Italian ancestral line includes a woman, and she had a child before 1948, You have a 1948 case.

You are entitled to apply for Italian Citizenship 1948 Rule as you have an Italian female ancestor that gave birth to a child before 1948s.

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