Italian Dual Citizenship: How To Get Dual Citizenship In Italy

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The #1 Guide to understand How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy and Italian Citizenship by Descent.

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Introduction to Italian Dual Citizenship program.


Do you have Italian ancestors?

If so, you may qualify for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis, that is the Latin name of the well know Italian Citizenship by Descent Program, which allow You to get your Italian Dual Citizenship just because of Your italian ancestors.

This type of dual citizenship is called “Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent,” reclaiming citizenship of another country through jus sanguinis (right of blood) while maintaining citizenship in your country of birth.

For Italian descendants around the world, the idea of reclaiming the citizenship of Italian ancestors has become very popular, specially this year.

However, the benefits of reclaiming Italian citizenship might very well be worth the wait!

Let’s see how to get Italian Dual Citizenship by descent and what’s the best Italian Citizenship Assistance Program service for Your case.

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⇨ Did You Know What is the best way to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent? ⇦

« What is the best way to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent ? »

Discover Why our Italian Citizenship by Descent Assistance is different and Our tailored solutions to avoid infinite wait time by the Consulate.


8 Benefits from obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship

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Become Italian Citizenship can really be an amazing investment, for You and Your family.

Like we previously described, you will have many Italian Dual Citizenship Benefits and specially if You will choose the Italian Citizenship Application in italy path.

By the way, some benefits for obtaining an Italian Passport and become an Italian Citizen through Ancestry are:

  1. Reconnect with the heritage and culture of your ancestors.
  2. Travel more easily in certain regions and countries (Schengen Area).
  3. Access government-run medical insurance (if you plan to reside in Italy or during your travels in the country).
  4. Find jobs more easily in the European Union.
  5. Live in Italy and purchase property without as many requirements.
  6. Enjoy lower college tuition costs in Italy.
  7. Vote for leaders in certain Italy elections.
  8. Access investments available only to European Union citizens.

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⇨ The Italian Citizenship Assistance Program in 2021 ⇦

« What is the best way to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent in 2021 ? »

Discover Why our Italian Citizenship by Descent Assistance is different and Our tailored solutions to avoid infinite wait time by the Consulate.


How Do I Get Started with Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent?

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To apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent, you need to prove your eligibility by presenting required records for your Italian ancestors.

Present these documents (with apostilles and translations) at a citizenship appointment with your Italian consulate (if you live outside of Italy) or your town hall (if you reside in Italy).

A new third option is opening now in Italy: the Italian Citizenship Application through Italian Court.
This way is become more and more convenient – as processing times at the Consulates are long and almost-infinite – and the Applicant can just apply without coming to Italy or passing through a Consulate.

We already talked about in this article dedicated to the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program

Each consulate has some discretion as to what documents they require, so it’s wise to find out more from your Italian consulate before gathering your documentation.

So what I need for applying to Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent?

Let’s analyze the case your are applying for Italian Dual Citizenship following the Italian Citizenship by Descent path.

How to get dual citizenship in italy?

The basic principle to take in consideration, and that will guide your process, is that You have to prove your Italian Heritage without any gaps into the line.

So, starting from Your italian ancestors, you have to collect all documents starting from their Birth Certificate, until You.

So How to Get Italian Citizenship by Descent? 

You can prove your eligibility if Your ancestors never naturalized in a foreign country – or, if they naturalized, they had to be naturalized only after their next-in-line birth.

In order to prove this, You will also need a Certificate of Non Naturalization, for proving they never naturalized, or a Certificate of Naturalization (if they naturalized), and the release date indicated must be after the Birth date of the next in line.

Get NOW Your Italian Dual Citizenship

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Do I Need something from Italy for my Italian Citizenship through Ancestry?

Absolutely yes. 

A pretty common question from our Clients is:

Can I obtain Italian Dual Citizenship? And If I cannot come in Italy?”

There is no problem, and that’s why we are here to provide you a complete Italian Citizenship Assistance, also on these steps.


Let’s think about it: You are starting to prepare all paperworks in order to request and claim Your Italian Dual Citizenship. 

The starting point is Your Italian Ancestors: there is no difference if they are Italian grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on.

You will need to collect all documents and all certificates from Italian Archives, about both of them. 
So, you will need their Birth Certificates, their Marriage Certificate, their Death Certificates, and so on.

Collecting all Vital Records from Your Italian Parents and Your Italian Ancestors is mandatory.

We do know that’s not a simply step: specially if we are talking about far and far ancestors – when in Italy didn’t exist all the actual Central Archives, and all documents were collected at the local Churches, Dioceses, and so on.

We are here also for helping you on obtaining and retrieving all these certificates – we want Your Italian Citizenship by Descent application to be processed as fast as possible.

Some explanations on Why Applying in Italy is better

How Italian Citizenship Law May Affect Your Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent

While having Italian ancestors is the key requirement for dual citizenship by descent, some Italian nationality laws may affect your eligibility.

These laws may have affected your immigrating ancestor’s Italian citizenship or may affect whether you can claim citizenship from your ancestry.

As you find your Italian relatives’ records, consider the following questions before applying.

  • Where Was Your Italian Ancestor Born?
    1. The Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Trentino areas of northern Italy were previously ruled by Austria.
      If your ancestor left these areas before 1920, they may not have Italian citizenship, and you will need to check if they requested citizenship later during their lifetime.
      A new amendment involving descendants from these areas is in the works, so if your ancestor is from one of these regions, it would be wise to clarify current laws before beginning an Italian Citizenship by Descent application.
  1. When Did Your Italian Ancestor Immigrate to a New Country?
    1. If your Italian ancestor emigrated before Italy became a country (on March 17, 1861), they may not have had Italian citizenship through birth.
    2. If the ancestral line you descend from lost Italian citizenship (because they naturalized with another country between 1912 and 1992 or other reasons), you may not be able to claim citizenship as their descendent.
      An important point is to find out whether your immigrant ancestor naturalized before or after the birth of the child you descend from. If after, you may still qualify!
    3. If your ancestor immigrated after 1992, dual citizenship may have been granted to them already, and you may only have to declare your citizenship to take advantage of this opportunity.
  2. Was Your Italian Ancestor Male or Female?
    1. Some older Italian laws may have affected whether female Italian ancestors could pass citizenship to their descendants and whether your ancestor gained or lost citizenship when they married. 
      In this cases, You can be eligible only through Italian Court Application, well known as Italian Citizenship 1948 cases
      Let’s read something on  Italian Citizenship by Descent: How 1948s Cases work.
  3. Was Your Italian Ancestor Adopted or Were You Adopted into an Italian Family?
    1. Multiple laws govern adopted children and their rights to Italian citizenship. If your adopted ancestor was not registered in Italy while still considered a minor, your Italian consulate may challenge your citizenship application.
  4. How Old Was Your Ancestor When They Immigrated?
    1. Every country has different laws about the naturalization of children. You may want to research some of these laws if your ancestor was a minor when he or she immigrated

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